We Tried The Pattern-On-Pattern Trend & It Feels Like We're In A Fashion Heaven!

We Tried The Pattern-On-Pattern Trend & It Feels Like We're In A Fashion Heaven!

Solid-on-solid, pretty prints, black and navy colour combination, we've done it all. But this mid-week crisis got us bad so we decided to throw some patterned therapy on it. The four of us picked up the patterns we're most crazy about and matched our tops and bottoms to it. The result ranged from a blast of pleasant summer colours to a wonderful play of black and white.

We picked florals, stripes and checks and here's how it turned out to be best fashion choice of 2018.

1. Floral On Floral - Check

1 print - florals

If the fashion Gods admonished me into wearing a single pattern for the rest of my life, I would choose florals. Much like my ambivert personality, florals can be anything - you can style them to be wild and loud or soft and girly. I prefer the former. So naturally, I went with macro florals in striking colours.

- Kriti Asthana, Assistant Manager, Social Media

2. Stripes On Stripes - Check

2 print - vertical stripes %281%29

When this idea first came to me, I wasn't sure which print, which pattern to pick because, honestly, there are too many awesome options to choose from. But I settled for stripes, vertical stripes to be precise. The classic black and white monochrome with all-vertical stripes gave me a slimmer and taller effect, something I always appreciate over big and loud prints.

- Sayunkta Jain, Senior Fashion Writer

3. Stripes On Stripes 2.0  - Check

3 print - horizontal stripes

Stripes are one of my favourite patterns of all time. The reason why I chose to pair up a white and black striped top with a black and white skirt was that it's a lethal combination. Also, monochrome makes me look anything but basic in basics, somehow.

- Niyati Budhiraja, Lifestyle Writer

4. Check On Check - Check

4 print - checks

Black is my all time favourite colour and checks on that is a combination to die for, for me. I'm one of those early adopters of trends who cash in on fashion everything as soon as it hits the store. So, I paired this frilly cropped top with gingham checks with my checked paperbag trousers. It felt so good inside out, I tell you.

- Rukmini Kapoor, Graphics Lead

How are you embracing the summer this year? The same old boring way or POPxo approved pattern-on-pattern? We know what we are up to for a fashionable 2018!