Wedding Invite Designs That'll Make Your Guests Say, 'I WANT To Go To This Shaadi!'

Wedding Invite Designs That'll Make Your Guests Say, 'I WANT To Go To This Shaadi!'

Remember how innovatively Yuvraj Singh's wedding card was designed around his passion for cricket and titled as - Yuvraj and Hazel Premier League? Or how amazingly Virushka had a sapling attached on their very beautiful pastel wedding card? And a few who got their initials engraved? Times have changed and so have the age-old traditional designs. To make your wedding card the talk of the town, all you need is to go beyond the obvious. So if you want your wedding invitation to be hatke, think no further, we have you covered with all the quirky and offbeat wedding invite designers you need to know. Read on...

1. Art-is-tick

Are you one of those Bollywood movie buffs who can't get over the DDLJ fever? If yes, then Art-is-tick is what you need to look at. We're loving their Bollywood themed invites that'll be a hit amongst your friend circle. 

2. Pink whistle man

This wedding invite is our personal favourite for its unique and totally fun concept. Two sweethearts convicted for love and then sentenced together for a lifetime. Now, how hatke is that!

3. Perfect invites

Rustic elegance and charm at its best, we say! If you have a thing for rustic decor you must implement the same in your wedding card. Be innovative with your ideas and take this image as your go-to reference for a rustic theme wedding invitation.  

4. Be Jalebi


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A wedding invite that comes in a delightful pink box is something we are going gaga over. Does it get any cuter? Add to that, they even customize everything you want. From the colour palettes to every tiny detail that your wedding invitation needs to be that extra special, they got you covered.

5. Create a flutter

A wedding invite that comes packed with aroma candles will leave an impression on your guests which will not fade for quite some time. Aroma lovers would get it even better. It might pinch your pocket a bit but it will leave your guests drooling.

6. Ozel designs

The perfect invite for those planning an international destination wedding! Set the mood with a passport like invite that can be as thick as a real passport with each page holding some information about the wedding. 

7. Srishti Khurana invitations

Invite on the wheels, quite literally! We love this personalized 'Thank you' note on a cartwheel. For your wedding invitation too, skip the traditional boxes and crank up the quirk quotient by presenting your card on a statement accessory. 

8. Invite in a briefcase

Who would know wedding invites could even come in a briefcase? Quite a different take, we say! The colours, the Turkish inspired designs and the invite boxed in a trunk. We love everything about it!