'200 Mein Dena Hai Toh Batao!' And Other Sneaky Tips To Bargain At Sarojini Nagar!

'200 Mein Dena Hai Toh Batao!' And Other Sneaky Tips To Bargain At Sarojini Nagar!

Nothing comes between a woman, her bowl of french fries and THAT top she saw at Sarojini Nagar. Not even the remains of her salary in her bank account. Sarojini Nagar market is every girl's paradise where she can get her fill of fashion everything at the cheapest prices. Delhi girls can't have enough of it and non-Delhi girls never leave the city without making a trip to Sarojini. It's not just us...Indeep Bakshi and Badshah wrote a song about it too. You know it! Sarojini ke kapde pehenke jaati madam disco! Heck, we actually do wear Sarojini clothes to disco and pretty much everywhere.

If you even want to know how is Sarojini stuff so cheap, we know the secret. And how we get it at even cheaper prices than what the shopkeeper quotes? One word - negotiation.  Bargaining is a part of the Sarojini experience. To make the most of it, here are some tips to bargain so you can get the bhaiya to give in to your price.

1. "Bhaiya, ye kitne ka hai?" ... "Achha! Aur doge kitne mei?"

2. "Nahi bhaiya, sahi batao!?"

3. "Bhaiya main fashion mein kaam karti hun. Ye Rs 50 ka top aap Rs 500 mein bech rahe ho! Mujhe mat batao."

3 negotiation - angry girl shopping

4. "Nahi, nahi, aap mera wallet hi rakhlo, aisa karo!"

5. "Bewakoof samjh rakha hai aap logo ne!"

6. "Woh doosre bhaiya toh Rs 150 mein de rahe hain!"

6 negotiation - pretty woman shopping scene

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7. "Dena hai? Final rate batao!"

8. "Pata hai main Sarojini kabse aa rahi hun?"

9. "Aap sahi lagaoge toh main 2-3 cheeze aur le lungi!"

9 negotiation - girl shopping a lot

10. "Lene laayak price bataao!"

11. "Isse achha toh main mall se na le loon?!"

12. "Bhaiya, aap mazak mat karo!"

12 negotiation - mean girls

13. "Loot machaa rakhi hai!"

14. "Kya baat kar raho ho? Rs 100 se zyaada ka lagta nahi hai!"

15. "Last Rs 200 bache hain, bhaiya!"

15 negotiation - budget issue

16. "Rs 200 mein dena hai toh batao!"

17. "KYA?"

18. And the deadliest of all - walk off!

18 negotiation - penny walking away

For those of you who think Sarojini is closed on Mondays, my dear ladies, it's not! Some shops are shut but Monday is a good day to shop given fewer people. Although, Sarojini gets new stock every Tuesday so you know where you're going after college and work.

Happy bargaining!