#MyStory: I Fell In Love With My Boyfriend On A Dating App

#MyStory: I Fell In Love With My Boyfriend On A Dating App

Relationships aren't easy and honestly, after getting out of a 4-year long relationship I wasn't looking for something serious. Post being single for a year or so, I was asked by my editor to write a story on Tinder. I obliged, looking for any excuse to get my mind off my ex. But I wasn't expecting anything out of this social experiment. 

It began casually, he was just one of the boys I swiped right. But unlike the rest of them, who were funny case studies, I'd found him genuinely cute. As cliche as it sounds, we had an instant connection. The conversations failed to stop and we would talk all day on the app. Days passed and he still hadn't asked for my number. Maybe that's what set him apart? The rest of them seemed too eager, constantly asking to 'text on WhatsApp' and inviting me over for dinners. Needy and... creepy. 

01 i met my boyfriend on tinder

After a week of talking, my editor (now an active part of my love life) forced me to ask for his number. Honestly, the best decision I'd ever made. He was sweet, endearing and wasn't trying too hard. He spoke to me as a friend would, never initiating anything romantic. Which gave us a window to get to know each other as someone other than a random person on Tinder. 

As fate would have it, he turned out to be a close friend of a colleague. Which was partially the reason why I agreed to meet him a week later. He couldn't be a serial killer, right? Nevertheless, when he asked me out for coffee on a Saturday evening, I still carried a pepper spray. Something he still teases me about. We went to his favourite cafe and as it turned out, my favourite coffee place from my childhood. A small shop, hidden in old Delhi. And that was it, that's when I knew. 

02 i met my boyfriend on tinder

If he could put this much thought into our first date, what could I expect for the future? To make things better, we discussed how we both weren't looking for something casual. He dropped me home and didn't even hug me. I know, I know, the alarm bells were ringing. But it also meant he respected me and didn't want to rush into anything. 

A year later, we're still together and he's still as endearing as he was before. It is a rather funny story to share at social gatherings, explaining how I met and fell in love with my boyfriend on Tinder. But some things are just meant to happen in mysterious ways. 

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