Hey Desi Girl! 11 Sins To Avoid When Wearing A Saree At Your Bestie's Wedding!

Hey Desi Girl! 11 Sins To Avoid When Wearing A Saree At Your Bestie's Wedding!

Sarees, don't we all love them? Yes, we do. Do we all find them a pain in the ass to wear and roam around in? Yes, we do! But girls, no pain no gain right! It's always an elegant piece of clothing to go for and it fits us desi girls with our natural curves in all the right places. After all, even Piggy Chops said (while wearing a stunning saree) "Who's the hottest girl in the world? DESI GIRL!"

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A saree is always the easiest ensemble to go for when choosing wedding outfits. Going for your father's cousin's wife's niece's wedding and don't know if it's going to be a grand celebration or a low-key affair? You can always pick out a saree, you'll never look over or under-dressed. However, there are some sins you have to avoid at any cost while wearing a saree and we've got the breakdown for you.

1. Never tie your saree too high or too low

If you want your saree to look flattering, you've got to tie it just at the right place below your waist. Showing your navel and sexy tummy is good but showing your pelvic bone, bit too much girl! Also, make sure you don't tie it too loose or too tight as that will definitely get uncomfortable as you progress into the night.

2. All about that bling

Let your saree do all the talking, go with a neckpiece that compliments the neckline of your blouse or a pair of earrings. But don't go extra on that bling, classy is the look we're going for not disco ball!

3. No peek-a-boo with your bra strap

We don't care how lacy or fancy your bra is, the straps cannot show. Many times, the blouse has a hook where you can attach the bra straps to keep it in place and if you can't handle it, just get pads put in the blouse and go braless. 

4. Pallo latke... not!

The main part of the saree is the pallu, make sure it's the star. If it has a lot of intricate work, leave it open and if it's your curves you wanna highlight, take it up. Make sure you've pinned your pallu correctly and have enough length at the end too. (Safety pins are your BFFs now.)

5. That blouse fitting should be perfect and flattering

Nothing brings down a saree like an ill-fitted blouse. Want to flaunt that cleavage, then go for a sweetheart neckline, want those collar bones to be poppin' then try a bandeau blouse, but make sure the fitting is just right!

6. It's all about the petticoat

Petticoat needs to be the exact colour of your saree, don't just wing it, own it. The length should be apt and so should the material, the fall of your saree depends on it. If you're on the heavier side maybe don't go for a flared petticoat.

7. Happy feet with the ideal footwear

Flats are usually not the ideal footwear to go with a saree, unless you're super tall. Heels let you walk straight and give a more slender, longer impression of your frame in a saree. If you can't wear stilettos, always go for kitten heels or block heels to enhance your look. Also, wear your petticoat and heels first, accordingly drape your saree.

8. Don't wear a front open blouse with a transparent saree


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We don't want spaces showing between your hooks or just the uneven part protruding out. Nope, not a good look. So for transparent sarees like net and chiffon, try going with hooks at the back or a zip on the side.

9. Bags, bags, bags, the smaller the better

You aren't going for a picnic girl, you're going to a wedding. Carry a small pouch or a clutch or better yet, just your phone and cash stuffed in your phone cover. Firstly, it's easier to handle with the saree, heels and everything else going on already. Secondly, it's not a great look, there are too many elements happening on you to keep track.

10. Chill out with the matchy-matchy everything

Matchy-match is so last century. Blue saree, blue blouse, blue earrings, blue maang tikka - a big no-no. Spice it up and add colour, maybe a contrasting blouse, maybe some funky jewellery, that's glam-bam!

11. All about the fabrics

You can't move too much in fabrics like Kota-cotton, paithani, and Kanjeevarams and they aren't flowy enough as well and they'll make you look bulkier than you are. Stick to light fabrics like crepes, satins, and chiffons as they will make you look shapely and gorgeous. But also pay attention to the weather, while choosing fabrics that's something to keep in mind.

What are you waiting for? Start draping!