Father's Day Special: It's Never Too Late To Set Your Old Man Up With A Skincare Routine!

Father's Day Special: It's Never Too Late To Set Your Old Man Up With A Skincare Routine!

Since I have been in beauty and writing about it, my dad’s intrigue in the subject and his interest in the products has been piqued. Now every time I bring home a new moisturiser or mask, he always asks me if he can use it. This got me thinking, of course, he can use a lot of the stuff that I use. Not the moisturisers and stuff, but I can definitely put him in a frozen sheet mask every now and then.

Father’s Day is here, so I thought it’s high time he got his own beauty stash and knew how to set his own skincare routine. Here are a few beauty things that I am getting as a first step towards having a 10 step skincare for the first man in my life!

1. Pre-shave Scrub

1 Bombay Shaving Company Pre-Shave Scrub

We are always advised to scrub before we shave for a closer and smoother shave. Men need to do this too!

Get it here.

2. Aftershave Balm

2 Thalgo After-Shave Balm

This would be the logical next step after you shave, but you don’t know how many people DO NOT go for aftershave skincare. Is your dad one of them?

Get it here.

3. Facewash

3 O3  Men Tea Tree Mela Derm Cleansing Gel

My dad now knows that facewash is a separate thing and you shouldn’t be using soap all over just because it lathers up. Gift the man a face wash, maybe he’ll use it because you gave it to him.

Get it here.

4. Moisturiser

4 Beardo Ultraglow All In 1 Men's Face Lotion

See this was one step that I didn’t have to school my dad on. He has had dry and flaky skin forever. So he knows how important moisturiser is. Sometimes he does use the wrong one though.

Get it here.

5. Sunscreen

5 L'Oreal Paris Men White Activ Power 8 Brightening Serum Moisturizer SPF 26

Well, even women need constant reminding for this step so I don’t blame our dads. Maybe getting them to apply a moisturiser and a sunscreen would be too much but we could find him a moisturiser that has SPF right?

Get it here.

6. Sheet Mask

6 It's Skin The Fresh Mask Sheet - Avocado

Okay, this is what I am most excited about! My dad has always been intrigued by the scary sheets I walk around the house with on my face. Maybe this Sunday during our quality time, I’ll pop one on him. What say?

Get it here.

7. Face Pack

7 O3  Men Ice Cool Acne Blemish Control Mask

Again a far-fetched idea, but I am planning on doing this when I am doing my #SkincareSaturdays. Get one for your dad, see how he feels about a masking night for the whole family! Honestly, if you just want to start him off, you could even get into your stash and let him try out a clarifying mask. And by letting him try I mean, you put it on him and see how he feels.

Get it here.

8. Beard Softener

8 Ustraa Woody Beard Softener

If your dad has a little bit of love for the fuzz, you know at some point he needs a beard softener to take the edge off. LITERALLY!

Get it here.

9. Beard Care Kit

9 The Man Company Almond   Thyme Beard Box

Is Dad sporting the lumberjack vibe? Gift him a beard care box with an oil and balm. Let him give his beard a little TLC. If his beard feels good, he might be in a good mood to multi-mask with you. You got nothing to lose!

Get it here.

10. Face Care Kit

10 Brahma Bull Face Care Kit

If your dad like mine, doesn’t use ANYTHING special for the face, then you’re better off just gifting him a whole kit for father’s day. Start this shindig from scratch!

Get it here.

Get these products for your dad this father’s day and let’s start a #SkincareForPOPS movement. Who’s with me?