5 Married Women Reveal The Steamiest Places They've Had Sex In!

5 Married Women Reveal The Steamiest Places They've Had Sex In!

All the unmarried people out there think that sex after marriage is much more fun and interesting. They couldn't be more right about this! Even if you've been having sex regularly before marriage, it automatically becomes all the more fun and sensual after marriage. Don't ask me how, but I know it does! You go out for weekenders more often, try out different things everyday and have sex at the craziest, steamiest places whenever you want. Now that's exciting. And to prove this, we have 5 married woman reveal the riskiest and steamiest places they've done it in.

1. In the alley behind our hotel on our honeymoon

We went to Prague for our honeymoon. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other because we were so happy and excited to be finally married. Our hotel was a cute boutique stay cosily tucked in a narrow lane. As we were walking towards the hotel, I asked my husband to pick me up because I was so tired. He did and as he was walking with me in his lap, things got a little frisky. We passionately made out in the alley and even had a quickie which had to be cut short because we could hear people come our way. But it was fun! 

- Ashita Bhatia, Chandigarh

sex in alley 

2. On the terrace at night

We had recently bought a new apartment floor in a newly constructed building. There were 16 houses in the building, out of which only 4 were occupied. While shifting our stuff to the house, I and my husband went to the terrace for a bit to take a breather. It was quite breezy and nice. We had just gotten married a few months back and still couldn't keep our hands off each other. Well, one thing led to another and we did it on the terrace. Not very comfortable, but it was really hot!

- Nandini Khanna, Delhi

3. Inside our car parked in the society parking

We had just come back from a party and were a little tipsy. It was really late in the night and the parking was deserted. So, just as I was about to get out of the car, my husband pulled me back in and planted a nice wet kiss on my lips. At first, I was bewildered because I didn't want anybody to see us, but then I just got in the mood and we made love right there, right then. It was difficult and not that much fun, but the adrenaline rush it gave us was worth it.

- Mitali Bakshi, Delhi

sex in car

4. Got it on in a National park

There's a huge national park and sanctuary near my house in Mumbai. My husband and I love going for walks and treks near the caves there. So one fine day, we went to the caves and it started raining. The weather was so romantic and being a weekday, it wasn't very crowded. Suddenly my husband got a little handsy and started kissing my neck and the rest is history. We had quick sex in one of the tiny caves and I must say, it was one of the hottest lovemaking sessions we've had in the 4 years of our marriage.

- Vandana Seth, Mumbai

5. Shower tales

The most exciting and hot sex we ever had or have, is in the shower. My husband and I love taking long relaxing showers together. It's just the kind of thing we both need after a long day at work and usually, while we are bathing, we end up making love. We both don't like going through the whole dry up and get to bed and shower sex is definitely more steamy. Everybody should try it!

- Vanshika Mehta, Mumbai

sex in the shower

Married sex really is the best kinda sex!!!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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