10 Manushi Chhillar Looks That Are Perfect For Your Summer Holiday!

10 Manushi Chhillar Looks That Are Perfect For Your Summer Holiday!

Manushi Chhillar didn't just win the Miss World crown in 2017, she won our hearts too. Whether she's pageanting, public speaking or travelling the world, her fashion game is always on point setting #VacayGoals for us. And now that it's the official vacation season, we're drooling over her summer looks from her travels.

Here are 10 Miss World-approved summer looks you can take inspiration from for your next vacay.

1. A Jolly Jumpsuit

1 manushi chillar - printed jumpsuit

Too lazy to mix and match and pack separates? A printed jumpsuit will be your best bet. Slip into sexy in no time and get, set, gram!

2. A Game-Changing Denim Skirt

manushi chillar - denim skirt top

Put your denim skirt to a fashionable use by pairing it with cool t-shirts on your holiday or while travelling. Ditch your jammies and jeans for this uber chic upgrade.

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3. A Dressy Dress

3 manushi chillar - olive green dress

Who says you can't wear dresses while travelling? Ensure an easy breezy journey without compromising on style with a dress of your choice. Make sure the dress's length is convenient enough for all kinds of travelling.

4. Not-So-Basic Tee

4 manushi chillar - applique t-shirt

If not a dress, Manushi has yet another choice to offer. Go with the classic jeans and t-shirt ensemble but with an applique twist. Side note - Miss World 2017 wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt proves that it's the best fandom in the world!

5. A 'Don't Kill My Vibe' Pantsuit

5 manushi chillar - printed pantsuit

We have, hands down, never seen a more exciting and 'extra' pantsuit before. Flaunt your love you florals like Manushi. Add this to your suitcase and take the #OOTD game up a level on your holiday.

6. Quirky Bodysuit With Shorts

6 manushi chillar - bodysuit with shorts

When wearing the 'holiday favourite' shorts, replace your crop tops with a pretty bodysuit and flip-flop your way to the beach. Don't forget to carry your sunglasses and sunscreen, ladies.

7. The Good 'Ol Culottes

7 manushi chillar - culottes and key-hole top

I, for one, have always refrained from carrying my heels and the clothes that look good with heels on vacation out of pure procrastination. Guess, all I wanted was the right motivation to give fashion priority. For the lover of light packing, trust us, it'll be so worth it. #JustLikeBloggers!

8. Black Tights Version 2.0

8 manushi chillar - black sheer tights

Black tights are a must-keep when packing for a holiday. I can't begin to tell how many OOTDs have been saved when I "accidentally" ruined my outfit on a vacation. They're the most stylish safety net ever. Trade your regular ones for the trendy placement sheer tights for your next vacay.

9. A Playful Playsuit

9 manushi chillar - blue playsuit

Give your strappy flats a stylish makeover with cute playsuits. Carry a big tote bag or a crossbody bag with it, spritz some sea salt spray for that beach waves look et voila!

10. Basics For The Blues

10 manushi chillar - blue h m dress

Take your basics along and let them brighten up your day with popping colours just like this royal blue skater dress. There are so different ways in which you can style them with a scarf, a shirt or jewellery.

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