9 Kind Of Friends Every Bride Needs At Her Wedding!

9 Kind Of Friends Every Bride Needs At Her Wedding!

Last month, the first friend from my group got married (leaving all of us other friends under immense pressure from our parents). And since I am super close to her, I was one of her bridesmaids, which was super cool. All of us wore coordinated sarees for her haldi function, we made sure she maintained her calm, had lots of fun and just got her married in the best way possible. I am not boasting or anything, but I'm proud to announce that we handled her and her wedding really well. Taking inspiration from that, I've come up with a list of the kinds of bridesmaids and brides'boys' every bride needs during her wedding. Here it is:

1. The responsible dude

The guy who can be trusted not just by the bride, but by her parents too. He expertly handles the caterer, the decoration walas, does not get anxious during a crisis and takes care of all the arrangements very well.

2. The mumma of the group

While everybody is having fun and going crazy during the sangeet and cocktail night, there should be this one friend who knows when everybody has had enough. The 'mom' of our group made sure the bride-to-be didn't get way too drunk and even took care of the others when they were doing crazy things. Trust me, we didn't realise it then, but that one girl controlled so many disastrous situations, we have no idea.

mumma of the group

3. The one who knows how to tie a saree

Super duper important! I already told you all of us wore coordinated sarees for the haldi ceremony. And the best part? We were noobs when it came to tying a saree. Thank God for that one amazing friend of ours who got us all ready in time, nahi toh subah subah parlour kaun bhaagta?

4. The one with decent makeup skills

That's me! Since we did not book a parlour for the sangeet night (we knew our makeup will just melt after all the dancing and drinking), so I did everybody's makeup for the sangeet and haldi function. It was quite sorted.

makeup skills

5. The one who is calm and composed at all times

Again, very important. In a situation where we know that so many things can go wrong and probably are going wrong, it's super easy to freak out. Especially if you are the bride. So, a friend who can keep you calm and assure you that sab theek hai is a true gem.

6. The one who makes everyone have fun

The one who keeps everyone entertained with their antics, lame jokes, bartending abilities and just by being there.

3 kinds of friends


7. The one who can drive

Yesss, nothing is possible in a shaadi wala ghar without a designated driver for the bride. One person has to be available at the bride's beck and call, all the time. And that person is usually one of her friends or cousins. So all you soon-to-be brides, make sure you know who your designated driver is.

8. The one who is always ready to shop

Do I really need to explain why a bride needs to have a friend who is just as crazy about shopping as she is? Good.


9. The girlfriend she can depend on for everything

And since everyone has some responsibility or the other, there has to be that one friend who can be responsible for everybody. You know like a manager? Yeah.

So, how many of these friends do you have? 

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