8 Instagram Rules For Every Bride To Make Her Wedding Go Viral!

8 Instagram Rules For Every Bride To Make Her Wedding Go Viral!

"Did you really get married if you didn't have a single picture posted on your Instagram from the wedding?" The answer my dear friend is "NO, no you didn't!" In the world of social media, likes control every-freaking-thing, and we're the people who seek validation from it. Let’s just once and for all admit that the number of likes and followers really do affect us.

Great, and now that that's out of the way, here are some things that will make you Insta famous. An exotic vacation is always a goldmine for likes (unless you don't bombard people with a per second update) and good clothes in aesthetic backdrops, that's ace too. Even puppies and babies can cash in on those aww-factor likes but guys, weddings, they're where you get the real social media stardom from.

So brides-to-be, don't let this opportunity go amiss, cash in on those likes honey and here are the rules you've gotta follow.

1. Announce your engagement or roka on social media with a heartfelt post

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It's obviously not practical to tell everyone you know personally. While close friends and family will be right by your side during the ceremony, it'll be nice to welcome your soon-to-be-life-partner on your social media with a heartwarming caption. But brace yourself for those congratulatory messages!

2. Don't post too much behind the scenes on your stories

You can share pictures of you doing wedding shopping or celebrating with your girlfriends but don't go overboard and show sneak peeks of the decor, your lehenga or other quirky details. Let it all be a surprise for everyone.

3. Be careful when you post bachelorette photos

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Who doesn't want to go crazy with their crew one last time? While you should have all the fun and party a ton, maybe don't post every little detail of it. If your besties got you a penis cake, maybe take pictures of that one just for yourself. Let some memories be sacred and special to just you guys.

4. Spice it up

Just like variety is the spice of life, it's also the spice of social media. So don't only post photos, share some of your dance videos, share some fun, crazy Boomerangs you took with your gal pals.

5. Take a chill pill on the mush

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Obviously, you want to put up a million pictures with your bae and write "Mine" in all of them but that's not how to go about it. Yes, a couple from the wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot can ooze mush but don't shove it down people's throat. Try selecting goofy and out of the box photos of the two of you and write some real captions of what you're like together, that'll make people double tap more. 

6. Do something jhakaas behind the scenes

We all know and loved the bride who danced to Sia's song in her blouse and shorts and went insanely viral. While that formula has been used and overused by brides since then, you can obviously try something new. If dancing is your thing, get some latka-jhatka on and make a swagalicious entry on your big day. That's sure to catch eyes. So c'mon, get your creative caps on!

7. Get innovative with your wedding hashtag

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OMG! Mashing both your names together and creating a hashtag is so last year, you've got to be more imaginative than that. This way you can have it as a part of your wedding decor and actually use to it see all your guests' photos. Then even your husband's sister's bestie's boyfriend who came for the wedding can like your photo after all ek ek boond se toh saagar banta hai!

8. Make sure your photographer, hair and makeup artist tag on their Insta page

These guys usually have a ton of followers and if you're looking gorge (which we're sure you do) the likes and followers will start pouring in. Even shaaadi pages on social media might pick your photos from there, and you've then definitely made it to the hall of fame baby!

Now you're definitely Insta ready! Get set.... click!

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