5 Inspirational Stories Of Girls Moving On After They've Been Cheated On

5 Inspirational Stories Of Girls Moving On After They've Been Cheated On

Relationships nowadays consume us not only physically but mentally too. Interests and habits collide, preferences and choices merge and his close friends become your good friends. He becomes the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow and everything you’ve always wanted to wake up next to. But what if your perfect fairytale doesn’t have a happy ending? One day you wake to the news of him cheating on you? Doesn't that feel like the end of the world? What do you do then? Some of us sulk in silence and some decide to not mourn the death of their relationship. After all, it’s better to lose a lover than love a loser.

But you’re a strong girl who must let pain be a teacher and not a companion. So, learn the lesson and let go.

If you need a little help with that, read these inspirational stories of girls moving on after their knight in shining armour turned out to be a jerk wrapped in tin foil. Grow through what you go through, girls!

1. The Ambitious One

“I left the country to get away from all the memories I shared with him and to forget all the places I visited with him. I went to Texas and pursued my high education. I became more ambitious.”

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2. Block And Forget

“Blocking my ex from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp really helped me get over him. I felt that the less I knew about what was happening in his life, the better I would feel. For a change, I focused all my energy on myself. I took up a foreign language course, joined a book club, did a solo travel trip abroad, started kickboxing, went out on more dates, met a few interesting guys, kissed a few... Life did change but for the better.”

3. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

“He was in my class so I really couldn’t escape him in any way. He was going to be there no matter where I went. In my friend circle, in my academic group, everywhere. The only way to get rid of him was to purge my life of his presence. So I left our common friends (who I had introduced to him, by the way), joined a new coaching class and asked my teacher to shift me to another academic group. Reducing his presence, and control, over my life was everything I needed to move on. Within weeks, I was over him and his cheating ways. It was like he never existed. He would get so annoyed when I walked past him like I didn’t know him. Worked wonders for me, though!”

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4. Move Out And Move On

“Three years of live-in was just thrown away when my boyfriend cheated on me with some woman from his gym. I moved out, took my name off the rent agreement, took all of the stuff that I bought for that shared space. By the end of it, he was left with an empty apartment that he now had to pay for himself. All of this, without giving him even a short heads up!”

5. Better Late Than Never

“A friend of mine was in a long relationship of 7 years with her high school sweetheart. He kept cheating on her repeatedly and she kept letting it go, not realising that it was no longer a mistake but a choice, not realising that he’s also taking her for granted. It took all of us, and a friend, in particular, to realise that this is not normal. She broke all contact with her (ex) boyfriend and is now in a healthy, happy relationship where there’s plenty of respect.”

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