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 This Bride's Engagement Makeup Was Beyond Gorgeous & We Have All The Deets!

This Bride's Engagement Makeup Was Beyond Gorgeous & We Have All The Deets!

In the words of Geet from Jab We Met, "mujhe bachpan se shaadi karne ka bada hi shaunk tha." But, call it my immaturity or ignorance of the obvious, I never knew the kind of work that had to be put into making the day special. So when my engagement date was finalised, I found myself frantically running here and there trying to get everything into place, including the most important (only according to me, though) my makeup artist.

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Let's start at the beginning. I met my fiance through our parents. Yes, it is an arranged marriage. We met for coffee and in the most cliche way ever, by the time we left, both of us were sure that we'd met the person we were going to marry. After a few meetings, our engagement date was fixed and there hasn't been looking back since then.

I found my perfect outfit pretty quickly but it was the makeup artist that was proving to be an issue. I'm very particular about my hair and makeup and cannot compromise on that at all. I called up about five of my Instagram favourite makeup artists but some of them were busy, some totally over my budget and some not in the city at the time.

But then, I was sent Jasmeet Kapany's number by another makeup artist. I'd always loved her work but somehow, she had skipped my mind completely. I called her and she was available (yayy!). We had a telephonic conversation and consultation but since I'd seen her work previously, I had no doubt about her skills or the fact that she was exactly what I wanted. For the hair, another thing I'm too picky about, she was getting Gaurav Chawla and trust me when I say it, the guy is amazing and knows what he's doing!

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On the D-day, she was there before time and as soon as I met her, I was totally at ease. Throughout the process, she would keep taking my feedback and make sure I was comfortable with everything that happened. The only thing we disagreed on was my faux eyelashes. I thought they were too dramatic and she thought they were perfect. Jasmeet, I accept defeat and I agree that you were right. All night long I got compliments for my eye makeup and eyelashes. Sometimes OTT is a good idea. Listen to your makeup artists, girls!

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For me, the validation that I needed came when both, my father and my fiancé, got a little emotional when they saw me and said I looked perfect. Couldn't help but feel smug! In the end, all I need to say is pick your makeup artist carefully, somebody you can vibe with from the start. Also, trust them. You're the muse and they are the artist. They have a lot at stake too!

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Published on Jun 14, 2018
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