5 Reasons Why It's WAY Better To Buy H&M Online Than At A Store!

5 Reasons Why It's WAY Better To Buy H&M Online Than At A Store!

Online shopping is great. We have said that time and again in the form of tips and commandments for online shopping. Heck, ask your favourite fashion girl - she'll have more than 10 shopping apps eating up her phone storage. That's a rule of the shopaholic club! But H&M is that one store whose online space is more lucrative than the stores (combined) and we have five reasons why:


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1. Deals That Even The Store Doesn't Offer

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Once I discovered the 'Deals' section on the website and the app, I was amazed to see how much I could save online which I otherwise pay full price at the store! H&M online has specially curated deals such as 'Essential Summer Shorts from Rs 799', 'Top Picks under Rs 699' and they're every bit stylish as the summer. Not just that, every Thursday H&M online announces 'Outfit of the Week' which too is at 20% off as 'The Thursday treat' for us. Mid-week crisis, what?

2. They've Got An Online Exclusive Section

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The online exclusive section has premium quality essentials such as dresses, footwear, bikinis etc all handpicked for the online shoppers. Though the selection is limited, you won't find these pieces at their store. It's only available online.

3. They're The Tinder Of Fashion!

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I saw something called the 'Bikini Swipe' on the H&M app and that's where I found my ideal bikini match. There's a collection of bikini tops that you either swipe left if you don't like it or swipe right if you do. If you swipe an item right, it'll get added to your favourites automatically and they'll further help you find your bikini match! H&M sure knows how to keep things entertaining as you're spending your money. There, you have your very own personal shopper minus the awkward small talk. I didn't know finding a match could be this easy and fun.

4. Returns As Easy As Trial Rooms Without A Waiting

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My favourite thing about online shopping is that I don't have to get in those depressing waiting lines outside trial rooms to finally decide if I want a Rs 399 tee. I can just order it on H&M online, try the size and opt for a hassle-free return if it doesn't fit me well. But that's the case with every online shopping website now. What sets H&M apart is their refund policy. Let me give you my example. My friend bought a top from the H&M store. I liked it too so I ordered the same online. But it didn't fit either of us due to different reasons so we returned it. Not only did I get it at 50% + 25% off (as it was my first purchase from the app), I got a full refund for it whereas my friend got store credit. Boy, that's not fair!

5. Having The App Has Its Perks: Sale!

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Apart from all this, H&M has a special sale only for the app users. Download the H&M app and you can get 20% off on your entire purchase. This offer keeps coming and going with offer validity dates but it's great to know that you can save your hard-earned money/pocket money at the comfort of your home. In a way, there's something or the other on sale at H&M online.

It doesn't get better than that, ladies. 

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