Here's How To Take The Pyjama Party From Bedsheets To City Streets Like A Pro

Here's How To Take The Pyjama Party From Bedsheets To City Streets Like A Pro

There is a big bunch of reasons why pyjama-dressing is probably my favourite trend ever. Let me journey you through my thoughts on first coming upon the biggest fashion trend of 2017-2018 yet:

‘This requires, like, literally zero effort! I’m sold.’

A. “I won’t even have to change when I get back home, just plop on the bed and be dead to the world… there IS a God.”

B. “So this is what they mean by comfy-chic!”

C. “So. Much. Fashion.”

To sum it up, this trend was all I’d been waiting for ever since I graduated into adulthood. Besides all those reasons, the pyjamas trend is one that everyone can nail… which means I don’t have to feel pathetic about not being able to afford it, unlike other runway trends. It also means pyjama-dressing is for everyone, celebrity or not. Here are different ways Indian celebs have been working pyjama fashion. We’re obsessed with Priyanka Chopra’s vacation-worthy pyjamas.

priyanka chopra tips to perfect pyjama dressing

And, Miss World, Manushi Chhillar’s breezy pyjama set.

Manushi Chhillar tips to perfect pyjama dressing

Rhea Kapoor is our favourite in this loose navy pyjama co-ord combination, isn’t she?

rhea kapoor tips to perfect pyjama dressing

Love their looks but have no clue how to get there? These 7 tips to perfect the pyjama dressing trend might be of help:

1. You Don’t Always Have To Wear Actual Pyjamas To Nail The Trend

1 stalk buy love pantsuit tips to perfect pyjama dressing

Even though wearing actual PJ shirts and pants is a popular option, the trend is not limited to the same. The trick is to identify classic pyjama prints, patterns or fabrics and buy co-ordinates that do the job. Stripes and floral print are the most popular prints, while satin is the signature pyjama fabric.

POPxo recommends: Catherine Wide Leg Co-ord Trousers Set (Rs 1,999) by Stalk Buy Love

2. Neutral Colours Make PJs Easier To Work As Daywear

2 h m top tips to perfect pyjama dressing

If you’re apprehensive about the trend, it’s a good idea to start with neutral colours. Since wearing co-ord, in itself, a somewhat ‘extra’ styling habit. Ease yourself into the pyjama trend with shades such as black, grey, nude, navies and soothing pastels.

POPxo recommends: Crepe Trousers (Rs 4,499) by H&M

3. Camisoles Are PJs Too And Are Perfect For Evenings Out

3 shein cami and shorts tips to perfect pyjama dressing

Wish you could wear pyjamas to the club? Camisole and shorts co-ord sets are a sexier, more party-worthy option for a girls' evening out. They’re definitely a better option than PJ shirt-and-pants for summer parties!

POPxo recommends: Contrast Lace Trim Cami Top With Shorts (Rs 1,050) by Shein

4. Pyjama Dressing Is All About Relaxed Fit Clothing

4 romwe printed coord tips to perfect pyjama dressing

The key to nailing the PJs-as-daywear trend is to add simple, loose and relaxed fit co-ords. Other details like necklines, sleeves and bottom length can be overlooked if the signature elements are all in place.

POPxo recommends: Jungle Print Cami Top With Pants (Rs 1,312) by Shein

5. Add Other Loungewear Pieces To Your PJ Outfit

5 zara printed kimono top tips to perfect pyjama dressing

Create interesting looks by adding and matching other loungewear items to your pyjama look. Loose robes, head wraps and slippers, for instance, help you channel the same relaxed vibe while adding dimensions to your look at the same time.

POPxo recommends: Floral Print Textured Tunic (Rs 2,290) by Zara

6. There Is Plenty Of Room To Improvise

6 forever 21 pyjama shirt dress

Let those creative juices flow and start experimenting once you’re more comfortable with the trend. You can lose the bottoms on hot summer days and work the long PJ shirt as a shirt dress instead… or you could wear a floral PJ shirt with different floral pyjama pants.

POPxo recommends: Striped Sleep Shirt (Rs 1,189) by Forever 21

7. Your PJs Should Vibe With Your Accessories

7 mango mule sliders tips to perfect pyjama dressing

Whether it’s jewellery, shoes or bags, your accessories complete your pyjama look. Commit to the trend wholly with satin shoes, casual but classic hoops or cotton tote. Picture perfect!

POPxo recommends: Bow Satin Mules (Rs 3,490) by Mango