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We Spotted These Adorable Wedding Pictures On Instagram This Week & It Was Love At First Sight!

We Spotted These Adorable Wedding Pictures On Instagram This Week & It Was Love At First Sight!

The best part of my job as a wedding writer is that I'm always surrounded by an array of beautiful pictures, all of them portraying different rituals, customs, personalities and emotions. Recently while going through my Instagram feed, I came across some more gorgeous wedding pictures and thought of sharing them with all you amazing readers. Here are my week's picks!

1. That look of love!

That mesmerized gaze when you realise that the amazing man standing in front of you is your husband now and you'll be together forever! Must be such a beautiful feeling!

2. Kiss miss!

After all, what is a wedding album without some fun and quirky shots, right?

3. Haww ji...

This is such a happy and different family portrait! A breezy change from the cliche 'standing-in-a-line-smiling-at-the-camera family pose' kinda pictures.

4. Happiness that just shows!

Truly yours, now and always!

5. Maa toh maa hoti hai!


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One picture that no amount of words can describe. This is what love really looks like!

6. Finally!

Love is in the air, quite literally! Look how happy they are?! *dreamily imagining my own wedding day*

7. The bride tribe


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Like we said, no wedding album is complete without some quirk, and obviously a crazy picture with your girl gang! And this one took the cake for being the most unique photoshoot idea I've come across in the recent past. Give it up for the foodies!!!

8. Keep me close to your heart, always!

One picture, multiple emotions! Only love can bring that glow to your face, no kidding!

9. Hello, wifey!

Love, laughter and their happily ever after caught beautifully in a candid pose!

10. Sisters before misters!

Do I really need to say anything?! *running off to call my sister RN*

Your favourite?