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Tops That Will Make You *Halt* In Your Tracks: Welcome Back, The 90s Halter-Neck!

What goes around, comes around. And this statement holds true in the world of fashion. Another trend resurrects from the ‘old and forgotten’ bunch from the 80s. A comeback that is here to stay, we believe. Here’s a little hint: Marilyn Monroe brought it in, Kim Kardashian brought it back…

Yes, the halter neckline is back in action. And we think it’s time everyone cashed in on the fact that it is! Bollywood has taken to it and we’re not too far behind. The first Bollywood starlet to contribute to this obsession is, as usual, Janhvi Kapoor, spotted here in a sparkly chainmail halter neck top.

janvhi kapoor

Then came Malaika Arora Khan in a supremely chic red halter neck top with matching red pants. This Bollywood mom never ceases to surprise, does she?

malaika arora khan

We’re sold, aren’t you? We need you to make some space in that closet of yours because we’ve curated a list of wearable halter tops for a great, on-trend summer. From flirty crop tops to elegant peplum tops, here are 10 halter-neck tops you can buy online right now!

Published on Jun 4, 2018
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