Beauty On Wheels: Keep Your Hair And Makeup Game Strong When You're Travelling!

Beauty On  Wheels: Keep Your Hair And Makeup Game Strong When You're Travelling!

Travelling today means needing to be ready for a photo op at any point. Which means your hair and makeup needs to be on point at all times. (Okay that might only hold true for us Insta-addicts but humour me for a moment, yes?) Now, I know for a fact that being in a glorified box on wheels or box in the air does do a number on your skin and hair. Not to mention, the touristy things that you go through the day without a touch-up spot. I recently came back from a trip to Hong Kong and I now have gathered beauty hacks, tips and tricks to make sure you look photo op ready at ANY point during your trip. Ready? 

1. Hydration

1 travel beauty tips

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If you knew I was going to say this first, then you know me better than 80 per cent of the people around me and we need to be friends. But YES, it is absolutely imperative for you to keep your hydration levels up when you're travelling. Keep sipping on water throughout the trip, especially when you're on a bus, train or aeroplane. Keep a face mist handy at all times to hydrate your skin on the outside. And pack a few sheet masks for an instant boost at night if needed. 

2. Learn how to braid your hair

Okay, I can't even tell you how much this has helped me! Sometimes you just DON'T feel like washing your hair or you might be backpacking and may not have the time or equipment to do so. Seriously, scour YouTube and get a few easy hairstyles and braids down pat. You'll thank me for this one!

3. Do not pack your foundation

Anyway, when you're travelling you need to pack light. Just don't take your foundation along for the trip. Try and keep naked skin and if you DO need coverage, carry a sheer concealer and bb cream

4. Shimmer is your best friend

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Carry a shimmer mist or shimmer loose powder. It wakes up dull skin in an instant without heavy makeup. Now that's a product you NEED!

5. Blotting sheets in the bag

Pack blotting sheets in every bag that you're planning on carrying. They work not just to blot your skin, but also your scalp. Be shine and sweat free!

6. Take nighttime skincare seriously

If you're on vacay or have just gone back home for the holidays, you know you're going to finish your sleep cycle. This is the time when your skin replenishes itself. Apply a nice night cream or sleep mask and hydrate your lips super well before you sleep. Trust me your skin will greet you with happiness the next morning!

7. Stick to light makeup

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I know you're tempted to pack your fave liquid lippie that usually lasts you all day. But the dust and grime and even the sun damage might react with the liquid lipstick and harm your skin. I suggest you stock up on tinted lip balms. You don't need a mirror to apply and re-apply those and they will give your face the much-needed colour it needs! Also, you can dab some on your cheeks for a tinted blush. Win-win!

8. Travel with a silk pillowcase

I know I am sounding insane right now, but you know sleeping on a silk pillowcase has its benefits. It keeps your skin from creasing and keeps your hair from getting frizzy. So just fold one and put it in your handbag. Whenever and wherever you fancy a nap, just open it up and lay it on whichever headrest you are planning to perch on. Trust me, this helps!

9. Multipurpose and multiuse products

This one is a no-brainer but carry products that can be used in two or three different ways. A tint that can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes. An eyeshadow palette that can be used as a brow palette and concealer that can be used as a base and to conceal. Another favourite? Hand lotion to moisturise my hands and tame my hair ends! (Yes, it works. Try it!)

10. Pick a feature

10 travel beauty tips

Okay, this is specifically for photo ops. But pick one feature that you need to absolutely do properly. I like my eyelashes to be curled to perfection. It helps wake up my eyes. So I make sure I curl my lashes and apply two coats of my fave mascara. The rest of the face stays bare and I am okay with that. I suggest focus on your brows or your lips. That always does the trick. Whatever you like to highlight, use makeup just there if you can. 

11. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

I say this ALL the time but sun damage is real and more so when you're travelling. So regardless of where you are and what the weather is like you make sure you apply sunscreen and walk around with it too. Spray, lotion, mattifying gel - whatever floats your boat. But there is no skipping this step. 

12. Chic shades

This is a hack. Make sure you have a super cute pair of sunnies. One of those off times when you don't catch sleep, just put those on and no one will know!

Go forth and travel friends, you're armed and you're going to be fabulous!

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