'Are We Moving Too Fast?' & 12 Other Thoughts EVERY Girl Has After Getting Engaged!

'Are We Moving Too Fast?' & 12 Other Thoughts EVERY Girl Has After Getting Engaged!

Sagai done? Well, congratulations... You're now halfway through the journey of becoming a Mrs. And now that Prince Charming has slipped that rock onto your finger, I'm sure there must be so many first thoughts running through your mind after your engagement. All kinds of thoughts - funny ones, anxiety-inducing ones, excited ones and obviously the ones that give you butterflies in the stomach! Well, here are a few that I could come up with! Read on and share a good laugh with your better half!

1. Oh man, what a beautiful ring!!!

"But wait, didn't I choose it myself? Anyway, no harm in admiring what's mine and so pretty!"

2. Hey, husband-to-be!

"Do I start introducing him as my fiancé now? Obviously!!! Oh God, oh God, oh God... He's my fiancé now! Why can't I stop smiling?"

3. Time to update my relationship status on Facebook...

"Engaged to... the love of my life! Cue the congratulatory messages in 3..2..1.."

3 phone

4. Talking of Facebook, aaj hi photos post kar dun kya?

"Should wait a day, no? I don't want to look crazy!"

5. Now I'll be a Mrs something???

"Ummm, to change my surname or not is the question?! Karun ya nahi karun? I'll probably use both... let's see."

6. Countdown begins...

"One day down, two months to go for the big day..."


7. But waittt, I'll have to leave my home!

"My mom, my doggo, my room, my bed and pillow... okay, no crying!"

8. I have in-laws now!

"Bahu mode on? Yep, on."

9. Am I ready for this?

"For all the responsibilities, all the decisions, everything? This is all so scary! Are we moving very fast?"

9 nervous

10. Of course, I am! I love him very much!

"Yes, I do! And I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!"

11. Let the shopping begin...

"So much work to do, so less time... kaise hoga sab???"

12. Now on, only diet food for me and hubby-to-be!

"OMG, I will soon have a hubby *blush* Shush, focus! Only healthy food 'coz we have to look amazing on the wedding day..."

butter gifs

13. Married life... Here I come!

"All set to walk down the aisle... All set to be a bride... Oh yeah, I still have two months to go! But still!!!"

What thoughts did you have when you got engaged? Tell us in the comments below...

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