Ace The Art Of The First Date: Ways To Make Sure You Have A Blast!

Ace The Art Of The First Date: Ways To Make Sure You Have A Blast!

First dates can be tricky, you don't know if you'll like the person, end up dating them or even fall in love. Either way, it usually is a rocky start. But it doesn't necessarily have to be, here are a few first date tips that'll ensure that you enjoy your time with him. 

1. Be Honest, Be Yourself 

Don't work the 'first impression' angle and let it psych you out. Be yourself and if he likes you for who you are, then things will work smoothly in the future. Also, be honest about what you want out of this date, are you looking for something casual or a relationship? Just so you both are on the same page. 

 01 first date tips

2. The Awkward Small Talk 

Don't dread the small talk, that's what paves the way for something substantial. Your conversations aren't going to be deep and insightful right from the start. The awkwardness and the butterflies in your stomach are part of the process. 

3. Dress Comfortable 

I'm all for wearing high heels and putting on a sexy dress. But whatever you wear, choose comfortable outfits for your first date because you sholud feel comfortable and confident at the same time. That'll just make you more confident on the first date.

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4. Enjoy The Moment 

It doesn't have to be romantic or out of the box. But you'll remember your first date for a long time, even if this doesn't lead to a relationship. Lose yourself in the moment and you will make some good memories. 

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5. Pick Something Common

It doesn't have to be laser tag or paintball, pick something you both like and can bond over it. Maybe a quick coffee at a bookstore if you both enjoy reading, so you can discuss your favourite books?

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6. No Phones Please

Dating involves investing time and attention on another person, don't ignore your date sitting opposite you to text your friends. It's rude and disrespectful. 

7. Limit The Alcohol Supply

A certain amount of alcohol can help you loosen up but getting drunk on the first date is definitely a no-no. You can't text him the next day if you remember nothing at all, right?

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8. Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions 

Ask him about his favourite food, the city he grew up in or where he studied. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's part of getting to know somebody. Just don't go overboard and let the conversation flow naturally. 

9. It's Not A Competition

If he talks about the places he's travelled to, don't try to one-up it, same when it comes to his qualifications etc. It isn't a competition for who has better stories. 

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10. Offer To Split The Check

We're living in the 21st century and he isn't liable to pay for the meal. You're a strong, independent woman and you can split the bill with him because let's be honest you were an active participant in the date

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