Bridal Nails 101: Your Guide To Getting Your Manicure Right!

Bridal Nails 101: Your Guide To Getting Your Manicure Right!

Your bridal manicure has got to be perfect as most of your guests focus their attention on your pretty wedding ring while a few would have their eye on your mehendi. From choosing the perfect nail colour that matches your outfit to how to avoid chips and manage a nail emery, we tell you all that you need to know about bridal manicures.

1. Ditch the bold reds and go subtle

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You don't really need the bold reds or glittery shades. Instead, choose a subtle soft pink or nude ombre depending on the colour of your outfit. If you are wearing pastels then we suggest go subtle with your nails and don't overdo them. Neutral, nude or blush tones always look classy and edgy. Perfect for the brides who want an understated look.

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2. Try all shades

Try out different shades of nail polish just like your bridal wear before finalising it. Your skin tone might not go with the shade you have in mind. While certain colours brighten your skin tones, others may make your skin look pale. So, it's always a good idea to try it all before the wedding day. 

3. Stock up extra nail polish

By now you are sure of the nail colour you are going to wear, right? Stock up at least three bottles of that shade. Yes, do it because you will need one for your salon, one for your bridal kit and maybe one for your honeymoon. We know you won't really need one entire bottle but what if you forget to carry it amidst all the rush and chaos? It's always advisable to keep one handy to fix those last minute chipped nails.

4. Don't gel it up in advance 

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Get your gel manicure done just a day before your wedding. While gel manicures easily last 2-3 weeks, it's best to get your nails done a day or two prior to the functions. That way, they'll keep looking nice and shiny throughout your honeymoon too.

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5. Big no to experiments

Don't try nail art if you haven't before. Not a good idea to fall for new things which may make you feel uncomfortable. You have all your life to experiment, don't do it on your D-day. 

6. Hand creams are a boon

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Please carry hand creams. Hand creams are a boon if you are prone to dry skin. Massage the cream into your cuticles and knuckles before your photographer takes close-ups of your mehendi and wedding ring. You will see the difference yourself. You don't really want your dry skin to show up in the pictures, do you?

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7. Chipped nail paint is normal!

Don't freak out if your nail polish chips. It's normal and you can fix it. Use the tip of the brush to fill in chipped part, then let it dry for a few seconds. If not, you can keep a nail remover and cotton pad handy and brush on a new coat of polish and finish with a thin clear coat. 

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8. Keep your nail length medium

Stressing about the perfect nail length? Medium-length, oval-shaped nails look elegant and accentuate your fingers rather than nail extensions that might keep you worried the entire time.

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9. Bitten nails need a little extra care

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Bitten or weak nails? Fret not! A good nail strengthener or a hardener is always there to your rescue. Use it well in advance of the big day.

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10. Go easy with the strokes

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You will avoid nail chips by painting your nails with thin coats and not over stroking the nail with the brush. Thin coats tend to chip less than thick, double coats.

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