The Dusky Girl's (Celeb-Approved) Guide To Wearing All Kinds Of Floral Patterns This Summer!

The Dusky Girl's (Celeb-Approved) Guide To Wearing All Kinds Of Floral Patterns This Summer!

As a dusky girl, more than a fashion writer, I'm extra picky about the prints and colours to wear. And since florals are such a hoot this season, thanks to Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, it can get a little annoying to find the right combination that suits my skin and looks stylish on me too. If you're a girl like me, stuck at the mall staring at racks of clothes unable to decide what to wear, this is the ultimate guide you need.

Here are 10 different celebrity-approved ways, nay, colours to wear all kinds of florals this season. You'll be surprised to see that the colours you've been keeping away from can look this fabulous on you!

1. As Bright As Sunshine

1 dusky skin -  priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra, straight from the streets of NYC, shows us how to use yellow in your advantage. A colour as bright as this with an all-over floral print is your best bet. It'll brighten up your face without making you look OTT.

2. White Is Always Right

2 dusky skin - shilpa shetty kundra

Likewise is the case with white. Shilpa Shetty and her saree expertise is proof that nothing brings out the prettiness of florals than white. I, being a dusky girl myself, had an aversion to white and now it's one of the colours that make me look my best.

3. Dark Florals With A Light Top

3 dusky skin - deepika padukone

Incorporate dark florals, white floral's goth sibling, this summer with the second piece in a lighter shade like Deepika Padukone has paired her floral midi skirt with a white shirt. It'll maintain the much-needed balance in your overall outfit. Who says floral works only on light shades?

4. Bright Florals On Dark Outfit

4 dusky skin - parineeti chopra

While we are on the subject, if you're all about dark shades,  bring some life to your outfit with happy florals like Parineeti Chopra here. We love how she's wearing contrasting florals on a navy blue outfit. Go for clothes with bright floral print and don't be afraid to go all out with it.

5. The Mean Green

5 dusky skin - beyonce

Dear dusky girl, listen to Beyonce and show them "Who run the world?". Include gem colours like blues and greens in your wardrobe with floral print on it. Instead of dark green, pick lighter shades of the family. Also, take a cue from Queen B on how to do pattern-on-pattern this summer.

6. Think Pink

6 dusky skin - rihanna

Your graphic t-shirt deserves something more than just regular jeans. Rihanna shows us, one, how to style that, two, with a floral coordinate set, and three, on a glossy pink colour no less. We're loving the golden dominance on the print in keeping with the shiny tone of the skirt. Try the glimmering ensemble for the next special occasion.

7. Mustard Is A Must

7 dusky skin - freida pinto

'Ew' if you may but mustard yellow is one of the favourite colours of all Bollywood celebrities in 2018. Wear it as it is or with a floral print on it, it'll look good on all skin tones for its warm undertones and adaptive nature. Throw on some statement, for example, on the sleeves like Freida Pinto or the hemline for a chic look.

8. Add A Little Spring To Bling

8 dusky skin - bhumi pednekar

We weren't kidding when we said gemstone colours look good on you. Add some silver to the blues and greens and let your imagination run wild on the fabric. For the next wedding that you have to attend, ditch the blingy border for a blingy lehenga skirt or saree and upgrade your 'Kareena wala pink lehenga' for a Bhumi wala floral lehenga instead.

9. Hues That Girl!

9 dusky skin - swara bhasker

Brighter colours - check. Dark shades - check. Pastel silhouettes? Double check! Take inspiration from Swara Bhasker and add pale pinks and greens to your list too. But make sure your floral print is bold, big and dramatic.

10. Turn Off The White

10 dusky skin - diana penty

Last but not the least, shades like beige and off-white, belonging to the family of whites, are always a good option. They never wash you out, on the contrary, the colour reflects on your face giving you a natural illumination. Diana Penty's cold-shoulder maxi dress is a wardrobe must-have for a stylish summer.

Seriously, is there any colour you can't pull off? In the words of Zayn Malik, florals will be with you from dusk(y) till dawn.