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8 Summer Sneakers That Go With LITERALLY Everything From Indian To Western!

Sneakerhead: A person for whom sneakers are more than just fashion, it's a lifestyle.

Like many other fashion items, namely, hats and jackets, sneakers can be indicative of its time in history. They have evolved from casual sports shoes to hip-hop essentials and in more recent times, a versatile accessory that goes with almost everything.  This one fashion item is found in every modern woman’s closet, they are easy to wear, stylish and last longer than your other shoes.

While we obviously know the benefits of owning a smart pair of sneakers, our favourite fashionistas have taken it a step further with their interpretation of the style. People have started wearing them with almost everything...

With Feminine Dresses

1 sneakers malavika mohanan

Young debutante Malavika Mohanan paired her classic white sneakers with a flared pink dress, It is definitely a fashion risk since sneakers with dresses can make you look stumpy, but pick the right shoes and keep the length of the dress modest, and you are good to go!

With Flared Maxi Skirts

2 sneakers sonam kapooor

Sonam Kapoor’s new hubby is definitely a sneakerhead and that trait seems to be getting rubbed off on this fashionable actress as well. Pairing her long maxi skirt with a pair of Nike’s, she kept her look approachable and uber cool.

And The Classic Blue Jeans

3 sneakers janhvi kapoor

Then there are the everyday basics that keep up on our toes! Replacing casual slip-ons with heavy duty sneakers can pay off well, just take Janhvi's style notes on how to up the ante on a pair of simple cropped top and blue jeans.

Here are a few summer ready pairs of sneakers that will get you in this exclusive club of women who love sneakers!

Published on Jun 5, 2018
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