Conversations Girls Have On Their Bachelorette... We Know You Wanna Know!

Conversations Girls Have On Their Bachelorette... We Know You Wanna Know!

What is that you crave for the most just before your wedding? The bachelorette party, of course! You and your veeres have been planning it for months. Your friends have shortlisted the best resort to plan the perfect bachelorette party for their Veere di Wedding. You will drink like a fish and dance the night away, but your bachelorette is never complete without a few conversations with your besties - hearty, unfiltered talks. Here's a list of seven such conversations we all have on our bachelorette. 

1. Your ex's and those silly breakups 

Be honest, it always starts with a discussion which invloves ex-boyfriends and how shitty they were in general. It doesn't matter if it's a decade old incident, their name will be dragged to be dissed all night. When a gang of girls come together, it's a given you'll end up discussing those heart-wrenching breakups and of course, a few silly ones too. Add to that, when your girls will tell you how right you were in leaving that guy. 

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2. Of all things kinky

From your first kiss to your best sex ever, to tips on how to better it next time, a bachelorette party is one helluva tuition class. When you are a couple of drinks down and tipsy enough, nothing remains a secret to your besties. NOTHING, at all. Be ready to get a low down of all the sneaky places your friends have done it in and be prepared for all that sex advice coming your way!  


3. Your school and college crushes

Oh yes! Even if you have found the man of your dreams, your college crush always makes it to your bachelorette night discussions. Your friends will have their opinions to share and you'll definitely want to reanalyse your crushes... were they even worth it?!

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4. A trip to your 60s

Admit it! We all want to grow old and take that trip to Thailand with only our besties... No men allowed! And bachelorettes are occasions when you'll all find yourself planning that one grand trip in your 60s. We know it's a li'l too soon, but don't we all just love making holiday plans with our besties?!  


5. The mess that you were

All those times you threw up when you were dead drunk and they took charge of you is something that'll definitely come up at some point! Or all the times you guys bunked school and got caught or... The list goes on. Bachelorette and reminiscing old days go hand in hand. 

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 6. Recalling those night outs and pyjama parties

Pyjama parties were a big deal growing up. Recalling all those night outs with your girl gang doesn't really need an occasion. You realise those night stays are not going to be as frequent as they used to be and that makes you miss them even more.

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7. Wedding planning

A major part of your bachelorette is dedicated to what the bridesmaids have planned for your wedding. From planning the coordinated outfits for the mehendi to the sangeet dances and all the fun in between, everyone's going to come in with lots of ideas to make your big day special.  

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7. A promise to be sisters before misters

No matter how your life changes after marriage, a bachelorette party always ends with a promise to be sisters before misters, come what may. 

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