10 Funny Comebacks For Every Time Someone Asks 'When Are You Getting Married?'

10 Funny Comebacks For Every Time Someone Asks 'When Are You Getting Married?'

If you've hit your 20s in India and are still single, then you've probably been on the other side of this question, 'When are you getting married?' But responding to it with 'never' isn't as easy as it looks. Kritika (Kay), the protagonist of our new web series, Unmarried, has built her own fashion empire, but she's also constantly dodging the question and struggling with the deadline her parents have imposed on her. Are you dealing with this too? Well, we have a few comebacks for the next time someone asks about your happily unmarried life.

1. Whenever Your Son Says Yes 

Should I call you mumma now? 

2. My Business Is My Business, None Of Your Business 

Daisy Shah said it right. 

3. Actually, I Am Already Married. Did I Forget To Send You An Invite?

Oops, my bad. 

03 when are you getting married

4. Shhhh... Aise Nahi Bolte 

Shubh shubh boliye.

5. As Soon As Ranveer Singh Breaks Up With Deepika Padukone 

And meets me, and falls in love with me. 

6. Bachche Toh Ho Gaye... Why Would I Get Married Now?

Isn't that what you want? To play with my babies. 

 06 when are you getting married

7. Whenever My Boyfriend Is Ready To Leave His Wife 

We have an understanding, I'm sure you understand. 

8. Aunty, My Type Of Shaadi Isn't Legal In India Yet 

My girlfriend and I need to move to Canada soon. 

9. Oh My Horoscope Mentioned Something About A Pain In The Ass Today 

And here you are!

09 when are you getting married

10. Kyun? Are You Gifting Me A Sabyasachi Lehenga? 

If I get married, it has to be Yash Raj style. 

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