6 Celeb Couples Who Proved That Having Kids Is Not The Only Logical Step After Marriage!

6 Celeb Couples Who Proved That Having Kids Is Not The Only Logical Step After Marriage!

"Shaadi ho gayi? Great! So, when are you giving us the good news then?" This is the story of every married couple's life. Shaadi hui nahi and people start pestering them with questions about having kids. It seems like everybody just believes that making babies is the next logical step after marriage. But is that so? I don't think and apparently neither do these celebrity couples. Here are 6 such celeb couples who proved that marriage is not just about having kids, there's more to it.

1. Ravi Dubey - Sargun Mehta


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Undisputedly the cutest couple on the block, Ravi and Sargun make marriage seem like a piece of cake. Despite being married for 5 years, it seems like their honeymoon phase is never-ending. They always have each other's back and don't hold back when it comes to praising each other. That is what we love the most about them. 

Once during an interview, when Ravi was asked about when they were planning to have a kid, he had something very sensible to say:

"I’ll be honest. I want to be a father. But Sargun and I have different priorities at the moment. She is doing well in her career. A woman has to go through a lot of biological changes (when she becomes pregnant). So, I can’t put Sargun through that right now. There’s a long time before we go the family way."

2. Anita Hassanandani - Rohit Reddy

Another adorable couple that is responsible for exhausting our 'awww' quota on a daily basis. They are so-much-in-love and their Instagram feeds are like a mush fest. They have been married for over 5 years and they make it seem like so much fun! In fact, there were rumours about Anita's pregnancy doing the rounds. The witty actress then posted a picture of her new car on Instagram with a super funny and clever caption that put all the rumours to rest:

"Guess who's here! Yaaaaayyyyy #bmw our new baby @rohitreddygoa (her husband's Instagram handle) so now I know why everyone asked me #good news hai kya!"

Smart girl!

3. Jay Bhanushali - Mahhi Vij

Jay and Mahhi are also on our list of cutesy couples who did not feel the need to have a kid immediately after marriage. They tied the knot in a small, private ceremony 7 years back and have been enjoying a blissful married life ever since. So adorable!

But as is the case with fame, even Mahhi had to face rumours related to her pregnancy. She herself said in an interview that she had a tough time clarifying to people that she was not pregnant. She further said in the interview:

"Of course, Jay and I would like to have a baby, but not now. There is a time for everything and when the time is right, I will have a baby and be open about it. People won't have to guess and spread rumours, which they have been doing for the past two years. I am looking at good work and women-centric shows."

4. Shilpa Saklani - Apurva Agnihotri

Now, this couple is something! They have been married for more than 14 years now, and have been together for longer than that. Shilpa had once said in an interview that they wanted kids and would love to welcome a little bundle of joy in the family. Her husband Apurva also said in an interview:

"God willing, as soon as possible. I'm sure Shilpa and I will have a baby by next year and I will send you the pictures too. We need the child to complete our special circle of joy! And we are ready to become parents!"

We hope their wish gets fulfilled soon!

5. Raqesh Vashisth - Ridhi Dogra


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7 years - the number of years Raqesh and Ridhi have married for. Their Instagram pictures are proof enough of the fact that they have a blissful married life and are having so much fun with each other. In fact, the two have made a conscious decision to never have a child. Raqesh had famously said in an interview:

"Never. Children will happen perhaps in some other birth. We are serious. We are fond of children, but we are practical people. We bring up the child for what? To face the dirt, breathe this pollution? In Mumbai, there is no space to grow. Both of us are career-minded, we are workaholics. We don’t want to have a child and then not be there for our kid. We wouldn’t want our child to study in a boarding school. Maybe, we will adopt one someday."

6. Aamir Ali - Sanjeeda Sheikh


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This beautiful couple just exudes charm and elegance. We can't help but swoon over these two cuties. They've been married for 6 years now, and the love is only growing with each passing day. Aamir had once talked about kids a long time ago. Here's what he said:

"My mom, my friends and my family members now want us to have a child, but I guess it is too early. But yes, everyone including Sanjeeda and I are pretty excited about having kids. Since both of us are so fair, we wonder how fair our kids would be! Woh toh pakke firangi honge and agar zyada gore huye toh I would tan them under the sun."

How cute, right?