The Worth Of Bollywood's Fave Handbags Can Buy You A Brand New Car Instead!

The Worth Of Bollywood's Fave Handbags Can Buy You A Brand New Car Instead!

Bollywood stars and their obsession with handbags is new to no one. You have your Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Prada, you name it, Bollywood is brimming with designer bags. Bags that are luxury, bags that are grand, bags that are so expensive that you can buy a car for that price instead. That's right! Here are five Bollywood celebrities and their bagwati in the price for which you can buy a brand new car. 

1. Bebo's Birkin Can Get You A Honda Amaze (Top Model)

1 handbags - kareena kapoor khan birkin hermes

Kareena Kapoor Khan's favourite Hermes Birkin bag is all over Instagram and is probably as popular as Taimur. A spacious tote bag handmade in leather, Birkins are constructed by a single artisan and it takes 48 hours to make one. They’re named after actress and singer, Jane Birkin, and have become a mark of wealth for its price. Bebo's Togo Birkin is worth approximately Rs 9 lakhs!

To explain to your dad why you need a Birkin for your birthday, try putting it this way - this bag is an equivalent of a brand new Honda Amaze, and not the basic model of the car, no! The top model. You see now, dad? Getting me a car might be a costly gift but a Birkin is a lifetime investment. And there's no way I'll ever dent it.

2. PeeCee's Chanel Can Get You A Maruti Suzuki Baleno (Top Model)

2 handbags - priyanka chopra chanel transparent clear bag

Priyanka Chopra and her street style fashion have been gaining momentum in the streets of NYC (and our feeds) with each passing look. The other day, Priyanka was seen with this limited edition Chanel Jerry Can Plexiglass Bag having a burger with her girls. When you're not spending some Rs 8.5 lakhs on this minaudière, you can buy a brand new Baleno for your mom. What? Not everything is about you. 

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3. Shraddha's Louis Vuitton Can Get You A Renault Kwid

4 handbags - shraddha kapoor louis vuitton small bag

Shraddha Kapoor's Louis Vuitton Petite Malle was our favourite part about this outfit, more than her Forever 21 skirt. Malle is a French word for a leather bag or a leather travel case and,  let's just say, we're carrying it everywhere with us. Well, we should hope so having paid Rs 3 lakhs for the tiny wonder! Or, in a parallel universe, you could get yourself a hatchback car, say, Renault Kwid and make that your travel companion instead. #JustSaying!

4. Kangana's Lady Dior Can Get You A Maruti Alto 800

5 handbags - kangana ranault lady dior handbag

Queen K and her Lady Dior Handbag in Pastel Pink Patent Leather, matching her pumps, is priced at around Rs 2.8 lakhs. According to the brand, Dior’s iconic bag, the Lady Dior, features all the hallmarks of Dior leather goods - soft lambskin topstitched with the iconic Cannage motif, rounded handles and D.i.o.r charms. And don't even get us started on that sophisticated feminine colour. Well, it's either all this or the good old Maruti Alto 800. Really!

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5. Sonam's Bottega Can Get You A Tata Nano (Top Model)

3 handbags - sonam kapoor ahuja bottega vaneta bag

Sonam Kapoor's Cannes look had more than just playful polka dots to impress us. Her Bottega Veneta Roma Bag, which costs around Rs 2.7 lakhs, is surprisingly also the price of a brand new Tata Nano. Had you been given an option, what would you pick - a handbag that will take you from 9-to-5 and beyond or a four-seater car that'll take you and your friends' places? Car or charisma, the choice is yours.

So which Coach is it going to be - the bag or the automobile?