Put A Pin On It: 9 Bobby Pin Hairstyles You Should Try At Least *Once* In Your Life

Put A Pin On It: 9 Bobby Pin Hairstyles You Should Try At Least *Once* In Your Life

The only time I think I used bobby pins was when I was in school. Back then it was more of a way to tame flyaways rather than showing them off as a hair accessory. However today, I'm glad things are different. Just how history repeats itself, so does fashion. What wasn’t cool a couple of years ago, is now a trend that spreads like fire. Bobby pins aren’t just a beauty accessory to keep your hair neat and tidy anymore, they’re designed to make your hairstyle stand out. Here are 9 bobby pin hairstyles you must try out! (Feel free to let your imagination run wild here and play around with as many bobby pins as you like!)

1. The Art of Criss-Crossing!

I’ve never seen something this unique and perfect. It looks so chic and sporty, I actually might give it a try! Whether you want to try it with plaits or boxer braids, that’s totally up to you. Go creative with this one!

2. Pack of Three

Just 3 tiny bobby pins clipped to the side of your messy mermaid braid is enough to fetch you a bunch of sweet compliments. You can also use hairspray to tame flyaways. I think that this hairstyle is so lit.

3. Pick a Side?


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Apart from Ashanti looking like a vision here, I must say that her sleek hairdo is classy and gorgeous. However, the bobby pins stole the show here. These silver accessories not only match her outfit but work well with her hair and makeup as well.

4. Go Bold or Go Home!


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All you girls with curly hair, this one's for you! As it is, the pineapple bun already is a pretty accessory. The bobby pins at the back will only make your hairstyle look more stylish and futuristic.

5. When Chaos Looks Pretty

When you need a break from scrunchies, take a chance with bobby pins. This idea here is pure genius! Slick back hair, copper pins placed in the middle and loose waves at the bottom. For an evening occasion, this hairstyle is the bomb!

6. Stairway To Fashion


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This may look like a lot of effort, but I can tell you it’s worth it! Placing the pins in a vertical strip is a fashion experiment worth giving a shot. Team it with a neat topknot and you’re bound to look drop dead gorgeous.

7. Minimalism At Its Best


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Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter! The detailing of this hairstyle looks plain, but trust me, less is more. You can use more than 4 bobby pins here, but that’ll just take the attention off the hairstyle - and you don’t want that to happen, now do you?

8. Triangle Chic

Very simple, very easy and very clever - this bobby pin hairstyle is Pinterest-worthy! In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be able to do this hairstyle. When you’re running late but still want to look sassy, this one should be your go-to hairstyle.

9. Side Swept Waves With Detailing


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Another criss-cross bobby hairstyle for you to try. Side swept waves as a hairstyle is pretty, but adding these bobby pins makes the hairstyle look even prettier! What do you think?

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