Love Baarish? Here Are Some Hair And Makeup Tips So You Can Dance In The Rain!

Love Baarish? Here Are Some Hair And Makeup Tips So You Can Dance In The Rain!

I have friends who love getting drenched in the rain. I’m completely the opposite, I hate getting wet in the rain. My curly hair frizzes up, my skin gets itchy and my lips dry up. Yep, that sums up why I dislike the rain. If you’re a girl who loves to let your hair down in the rain, you might want to keep these makeup and hair tips in mind. They’ll protect both, your hair and makeup from getting messed up. Here are 9 beauty tips for the girls who love the monsoons.  

1. Apply Face Powder Instead of Foundation

Foundation and rains do not go together - remember that golden beauty rule ALWAYS. The foundation washes off your skin and leaves stains. Instead of foundation, you can use powder as a base. It’ll keep the rest of your makeup intact and not make your skin feel greasy or heavy.

2. Opt For Soft Coloured Eyeshadows  

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Avoid dark, metallic eyeshadow shades here. Smokey eye makeup looks the worst when wet. To avoid looking like a hot mess, neutral colours will work in your favour. Nudes, pinks and browns are a safer option. Even if it melts, it won’t be an obvious beauty blunder.

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3. Try To Stay Away From Applying Mascara

Applying mascara during the rains is like asking for trouble. If the mascara isn’t water resistant, it’ll get smudged and start dripping down from your lashes. Trust us, that’s anything but an attractive sight. If you can’t live without mascara, apply a little bit and not a double coat. You can also just use a lash curler to keep your lashes groomed and neat.

4. Forget About Liquid Eyeliners

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Liquid eyeliners are cool but they tend to get smudged and start to fade away when it comes in contact with water. I would suggest that you stick to gel or cream eyeliners. Unless you wipe the product out with a makeup remover, gel and cream eyeliners are fairly difficult to remove.

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5. Brow Powders Are The Absolute Worst

I know of a few girls who don’t step out of the house without filling their brows at all. I personally don’t recommend that you don’t use brow powders, but pencils and brow gels. These will just stick to your skin and not come off when exposed to the rains.

6. Breakup With Lip Glosses

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Back in college, I used to apply only lip glosses. This is where I messed up big time. Lip glosses get sticky and smudged easily during the rains. It was only after I read beauty blogs and watched Youtube tutorials did it dawn to me that matte lippies are the best. They stay put on your lips for long hours and make your pout look oh-so-kissable too! If you're not a matte lippie person, go for tinted lip balm.

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7. Water-Based Moisturizers For The Win!

Summers shouldn’t be the only time that you need to apply moisturizers. During the monsoons is equally important. When the rain Gods strike, humidity fills the air. A water-based moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and prevent skin from getting oily and breaking out.

8. Don’t Use Too Many Hair Styling Products

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Avoid using hair styling products like creams, gels and sprays during the monsoons because it’ll ruin the natural texture of your hair. On the contrary, oil your hair often. Wash it twice a week and if by chance you get wet in the rain, as soon as you get home, take a warm head bath.

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9. Keep Your Hairstyles Simple & Neat

Ladies, never keep your hair open during the rains. The water will make your strands dry and frizzy. Layers, bangs, buns, ponytails and braids are good hairstyle choices for the monsoon. To keep hair in place use bobby pins and clips.

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