Hair And There: Awesome Kriti Sanon Hairstyles That You Need To Catalog STAT!

Hair And There: Awesome Kriti Sanon Hairstyles That You Need To Catalog STAT!

When we are Insta-stalking and trolling for new looks to try we have a bevvy of options for discussion. But when it comes to hairstyles sometimes it's a little difficult to find new looks. Celebrities usually have a signature look and they usually tend to stick to it. But there is ALWAYS one person you can count on to bring her A-game when it comes to hairstyles, Kriti Sanon! I love going to her or her hairstylist's page just to see what they're trying. The best part? The hairstyles are NOT super complicated and can totally be replicated. Ready to check our favourite Kriti Sanon hairstyles to date? Let's get into it.

1. Side Dutch Braid Ponytail

1 kriti sanon

2. Waterfall Braids

2 kriti sanon hairstyles 1

2 kriti sanon hairstyles

3. One-sided Sleek French Braid Look


4. Topsy Tail Pull Through Ponytail

4 kriti sanon hairstyles

5. Bubble Ponytail

5 kriti sanon hairstyles

6. Upside Down Braid Updo

6 kriti sanon hairstyles

7. 90's Crimped Hair Ponytail

7 kriti sanon hairstyles

8. Half Pull Through Low Ponytail

8 kriti sanon hairstyles

9. Double-Sided French Braided Ponytail

9 kriti sanon hairstyles

10. Simple French Braid

10 kriti sanon hairstyles

11. Structured And Messy Low Bun

11 1 kriti sanon hairstyles

11 kriti sanon hairstyles

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