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11 Animal Print Fashion Items You Need Even If You Aren't A Wild Child

Fashion is one of the oldest forms of expressing oneself. From different styles to prints and slogans, you can pretty much wear your heart on your sleeve for the whole world to see. Maybe you are in a bright yellow to celebrate the sun being out after a rainy day or stepping out in killer heels because your confidence level is at its peak.

One genre of clothing that has long been used specifically for expressing one's wild side is the animal prints. No woman will put on a leopard print skirt but to stand out in a sea of comparatively tame prints that are in trend. A fashion classic in the truest sense, the animal print has been around since the ages of kings and queens, who used the actual animal skin to fashion rugs and shawls out of.

Even though that practice is not prevalent anymore (*phew*), the style has still remained popular with many different versions out. Check out the ever-stylish Malaika Arora Khan in a snakeskin pantsuit, two words we never thought will be said together...


Even though Malaika looks like a total killer in these, there are quite a few different fashion items that come in animal prints that leave their mark without looking OTT. We rounded up a few to get you started with the trend -

Published on Jun 13, 2018
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