10 Pieces Of Relationship Advice To Help You Sail Through The 'Newly-Married' Phase!

10 Pieces Of Relationship Advice To Help You Sail Through The 'Newly-Married' Phase!

The one thing you get free during your wedding festivities is a lot of marriage advice. From the time your parents meet your would-be, the stream of advice starts and it goes on, forever. But honestly, it's not such a bad idea to follow some of these gems that'll make your married life a lot easier. Just filter out the rest. 

1. First thing first, don't react! Always respond

As human beings, we all are impulsive and we react immediately when things go wrong. And of course, that often leads to making wrong decisions which we repent later. Respond, don't react, that's what every mom tells her kids. Take a step back, analyse and then respond to the situation.

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2. It's not just about you

You have been living the way you wanted so far, without somebody else encroaching on your personal space. Now, there will be another person living with you. You have to respect that and understand things and life is now about the two of you and not just you.

3. Keep your anger in control

Anger spoils everything. Keep a lid on it. In life, most situations will always be beyond your control. Getting angry will only make it worse for you. Hence, it's better to let a few things slide.

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4. When the other person shouts, keep your calm

Admit it, ladies, no marriage is perfect. As a couple, you are bound to have fights, but that doesn't mean that's the end of the world. Just because your partner lost his bearing for some time doesn't mean you need to do that as well. The best way to handle a fight is when one person keeps calm and let's the other one vent all the anger.  

5. Don't nag

There will be disagreements. There will be situations when you will be disappointed, but that's okay. Sort out your issues on the same day and don't drag it out to the next day or the entire week. The more you nag on, the bigger it gets. Of course, this goes for both of you. 

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6. Learn to forgive

There will be incidents which might irk you to the core. But no one, including you, is perfect. We all make mistakes and we repeat them as well. Now, it's on you whether you want to forgive and move ahead or sit on it for long. If you sit on it, that's going to affect your mental peace. Here's the thing, doesn't he forgive your mistakes? Then why be unfair to him? 

7. Do not dig up the past

Let bygones be bygones. Do not bring up past. It's never a good idea to keep discussing your ex or how good or bad your life was earlier. He may understand it once, but if you constantly repeat it, it will hurt him bad. You definitely don't want that. Just think how you would feel if he did the same.

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8. There is no harm in being the first to apologise

Be the bigger person and don't hesitate to make the first move. He's your husband and it won't be a matter of self-respect between the two of you. 

9. Be with him during testing times

This is the most important. Don't jump ship when it hits the iceberg. You may fight with him but when the crunch comes, make it a point to be his rock. 

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10. A little adjustment will bring in a lot of happiness 

You and your partner are two different individuals and your nature and identity will differ. While you may be outgoing, and fun loving, your partner may be introvert by nature. You can't ask your partner to change and you shouldn't because deep within you know he loves you a lot and that's the only thing that matters.

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