9 Ideas To Make Your First Anniversary Special... For Every Kind Of Couple!

9 Ideas To Make Your First Anniversary Special... For Every Kind Of Couple!

While it is the wedding that is considered the biggest day in your life, it is actually the marriage that should be celebrated- the union of two people very much in love and choosing to spend forever together. And important milestones during that eternity should be toasted and first anniversary, c'mon that's a big deal, guys! 

So we've curated a list of 9 things you and your beau could do together to cherish your relationship and mark this joyous occasion.

1. Start the day early and spend the entire 24 hours out and about


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Why not start getting in the celebratory mood just as the clock strikes 12. You could go out for a dinner date the night before, pop open a champagne at midnight and just enjoy each other’s company. You could even wake up early, go watch the sunrise and spend the entire day soaking up some culture, watching a play and eating at that new, plush restaurant in town.

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2. Recreate your first date

There's nothing sweeter than a trip down memory lane. Why not recreate everything you did together on your first date, it'll be a lot less awkward now guys! Go to the restaurant or movie theatre or just walk on the streets, you'll fall in love all over again. And if not first, you can recreate any of your favourite days spent together; the magic will draw you in.

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3. Weekend getaway

This is something most people love doing. Get out of the busy city life and spend the entire day relaxing by the pool hand in hand with the love of your life. You could get a couple's massage, play snooker or badminton together on the property or even just laze in a quaint cafe in the heart of nature. And the lesser the phone reception the better, spend some real time together.

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4. Stay home and chill

If you're a couple who travels a lot and doesn't get too much time to just stay home and relax in bed, that's exactly what you should do. Make some pancakes or eggs (decorated with hearts of course) and take it for your partner in bed. You can order some Chinese takeout because momos is always a good idea and just binge on sappy reality TV together. To take the romance up a notch you can create your own spa paradise in your bedroom, dim the lights, put on scented candles, play a soothing playlist and give a sensual massage, much more personal right?!

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5. Go on an unplanned road trip


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This is for all you adventure bugs, don't plan anything in advance and leave it up to your mood that day itself. Pick a place, strap on the seatbelt and drive off. Once you hit the road and play the tracks you'll get into the groove of the trip. Go to a secluded place figure out the lodging once you reach and just take in everything the area has to offer. It could be a trek or a safari, just go crazy!

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6. Have a fun day trying out different activities

Take that sushi cooking class together and become pros at it. You could even go over to a comedy club and just have a laughing fit the entire night. Even a gaming arcade isn't a bad option, just go bowling and go-carting and rock climbing. Sounds childish I know, but the idea is spending time together and sometimes doing juvenile things is just the key to happiness.

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7. Hangout with your gang

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This is for all you social butterfly couples who love hanging with their crew, get together and host a party. You all could go to the latest hip club and dance the night away or even for an elegant dinner and cocktail kinda evening. If you're looking for something more intimate, you could always host people at home and have a game night or rent a karaoke machine and a projector and have a singing competition. 

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8. Volunteer together

If spreading love and joy is how you feel happy then that's exactly what you should do on your big milestone. Go distribute goodies at an orphanage close by or spend time hanging out at an old people's home. If you don't want to do that you can even go together and play gully cricket with some kids in a park together, it'll be memorable, trust us!

9. Family vacay


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No one ever said no to a vacation (except my boss, but anyway)! Your family slogged hard to make your D-day as close to your dream-day as possible so why not share this happy moment with them too. You'll obviously have to plan this one in advance but why the hell not. Go on a cruise or choose a few countries none of you has seen in Europe. Just a pro tip, pick a destination with a travel-friendly season and a place that has something everyone can individually enjoy.

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It'll be a day to remember for posterity, don't worry! ❤