Boring Black Tights? Try These Styling Tips To Avoid A Snooze Fest!

Boring Black Tights? Try These Styling Tips To Avoid A Snooze Fest!

Being a lazy girl has its perks. You hardly go out, so you don’t end up spending much on dining and drinking out (watch out for the Netflix bill, though.) You have a 5-minute-getting-ready-for-work routine, which means you’re always on time (if you’re not sleeping in). You can’t be bothered with makeup, so you’re super comfortable in your skin. There are the obvious cons, too. Your friends are always annoyed with you thanks to your countless no-shows, you’re gaining weight because you’d rather order in than cook… and most importantly, your wardrobe includes all of 10 items, half of which is a bunch of LBDs and black tights.

Naturally, they go with everything (you think) but your staple outfit is a button-down shirt with black tights. I mean, come on. You can do better than that, even if you don’t want to part with those boring tights. Yes, there is a way. Or, in this case, 8 ways. The best part? You don’t have to get rid of the tights, just add pieces to your outfit that complement them. Keep scrolling for 8 stylish ways to rock black tights this season:

1. Seeing Double

1 Alia bhatt ways to style black tights

We’re sure you have a pair of striped black tights in your closet. Work the print-on-print fashion trend and pair them with a matching top with bold stripes.

2. Make A Statement

2 kareena kapoor ways to style black tights

Swap your regular top for something more statement-making and watch how it turns your black tights around. Style them with a bohemian mini dress with embroidery or statement sleeves and matching sandals.

3. Saved By The LBD

3 diana penty ways to style black tights

You know that LBD you have in the back of your closet? Pull it out and style it with your black leggings to perfect monotone fashion with utter ease.

4. De-Construction Site Ahead

4 deepika padukone ways to style black tights

To think you’d been wearing that boring top with your black tights all this while when you could’ve just picked up on Deepika’s cue! Pair a long deconstructed denim shirt or shirt dress and belt it at the waist to put a more chic spin on your OOTD.

5. Sheer Chicness

5 taapsee pannu ways to style black tights

Contrary to popular belief, black tights can be sexy… if worn with the right separates. Wear a sheer dress with a bustier underneath and belt it up at the waist. Watch it go from 'boring' to 'babe' in seconds.

6. Fusion Feels

6 shilpa shetty ways to style black tights

Quirky touches come easy to Shilpa Shetty. Follow her cue and pair your edgy fusion pieces with your black tights for a fancy day look.

7. Jump Rope

7 parineeti chopra ways to style black tights

Did you know your black tights can help you achieve the lazy girl jumpsuit look? Yup, just wear a cute black peplum top with them to nail the hack. No more getting naked for a mere trip to the bathroom! *phew*

8. Layer Slayer

8 priyanka chopra ways to style black tights

When layered with your best fashion basics, those black tights can give you the best street style outfit ever. Like PeeCee here add a summer shrug to your tee-and-tights look and you’re gold.

To conclude here’s a style no-no to memorise by heart: NEVER ever wear your tights as pants. Never.