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Weather The Storm With Chic Raincoats That Don't Look Frumpy!

It’s time to get a new kind of jacket on your door side hooks, Monsoon is upon us and this year the rain isn’t playing any favourites. Grabbing your umbrella will get you through light showers. But if you are a Mumbaichi mulgi like me or live in a place which experiences heavy rains, the raincoat becomes essential. Considering desi girls though, our association with raincoats began with the big bulky black ones we used to wear to school (over our backpacks!). That made us look like a couple of colourful characters... a hunchback, a lego-man toy and sometimes even little chubby wizards on their way to a quest.

Having said that, what we are glad to report is that times have changed! We have many chic alternatives available from brands online that don’t merge your upper body with your calves. The trick is to pick a longline fitted raincoat, and if not that, go for a smart rain jacket to wear with your daily casuals. This rainy season beat the gloomy and mean rain showers with the smart raincoats that we have picked out for you!

Published on Jun 26, 2018
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