Peas In A Pod: Looks Like These Bollywood Sisters Have Similar Beauty Likes!

Peas In A Pod: Looks Like These Bollywood Sisters Have Similar Beauty Likes!

I don't have a sister, but I would imagine if I did, we'd twinning with our looks as often as possible. Their Bollywood sisters, even if they don't look alike (which most of them do), they somehow adapt each other's makeup and hair regime into their own look. That is what siblings do right? Influence each other, usually in the right direction. It's always a treat to see sisters sort of blending into each other's makeup looks (see what I did there.)

So, here are some awesome sauce sister duos who have a similar (if not the same) beauty game!

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan And Karisma Kapoor

Nobody is a stranger to the Kapoor genes. From lipsticks to hairstyles, the Kapoor sisters have always sported similar looks, and the older they get, the more they look alike. 

1 karisma kapoor and kareena kapoor khan

2. Amrita Arora And Malaika Arora Khan

 I would kill for those high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes and oomph-y lips, but I am not an Arora sister. These gorgeous sisters, in my opinion, have always looked alike even without makeup.

2 malaika arora khan and amrita arora

3. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja And Rhea Kapoor

One acts, the other directs; one styles, the other shows it off! This sisterhood is definitely awe-worthy. Both the Kapoor sisters have long wavy hair that everyone would be envious of really!

3 sonam kapoor ahuja rhea kapoor

4. Khushi And Jahnvi Kapoor

This millennial sister duo has a gorgeous gene pool to swim in. With genetic nuances of their mom Sridevi in common, this sibling pair also share a love for Manish Malhotra and berry lips!

4 jahnvi and khushi kapoor

5. Isabella and Katrina Kaif

Glass-like skin and wavy tresses, this sister duo is on our Instagram checklist!

5 isabella and katrina kaif

6. Shamita Shetty And Shilpa Shetty Kundra

There are sisters who look similar with makeup, and then there are sisters who look eerily alike. The Shetty sisters would be a part of the latter. Their love for smoked up kohl and voluminous lashes doesn't go unnoticed. 

6 shilpa and shamita shetty

7. Akshara And Shruti Hassan

I feel like both of them have the same skin care regime and go to the same hairstylist.

7 shruti and akshara hassan instagram picture low light

8. Kriti And Nupur Sanon

Their clear skin and penchant for a layered haircut have made these girls two peas in a pod!

8 kriti and nupur sanon selfie instagram

9. Tanisha Mukherjee And Kajol

Wide smiles and almond eyes rimmed with kohl; these sisters could have been twins if you ask me!

9 kajol and tanisha award show red carpet

Are you and your sister beauty twins too?

Images: Instagram