Cheeky Hide & Seek: Celebs Show You How To Cover Up Your Sexy Outfits With Jackets For A Stylish Look!

Cheeky Hide & Seek: Celebs Show You How To Cover Up Your Sexy Outfits With Jackets For A Stylish Look!

We all have that trusted pair of shrugs or skimpy cover-ups to go with our sexy party dresses. The idea is not to dial on the hotness scale of these bold outfits, keep it intact in its element and go forth with confidence in wearing such scandalous numbers. So if you do wear a formal jacket over a silky low cut blouse, it is better to pass it off as a styling choice rather than a necessity to cover up!

That is exactly what some of our sexiest starlets seem to be going for some of their latest glammed up looks. Not that they need to cover up at all, these fashionistas have sported some pretty sultry numbers in the past, but they are definitely trying something new with this styling technique. We rounded up some of the ways you can cover up your daring outfits with a nice jacket and come out looking stylish!

1. Denim Do-over

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Usually, when you have a David Koma bodycon on, you wish to show it off in all its glory. Even though Jacqueline is never one to shy away from bold looks, she chose to pair this sexy number with a complementing cropped denim jacket, kept in place with belted suspenders.

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2. Tropical Touches

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Mixing genres in your ensemble is a sure way to get a unique look. Putting together an outfit by Nitara Dhanraj Label, Amruta paired her sexy separates with a flamingo printed tropical jacket. Its been quite a while since we saw the white and navy nautical combination and we are much better people for that!

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3. In The Trenches

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It makes perfect sense to pair a long silky gown with a floor-length trench coat, keeping the silhouette the entire look intact, this is the kind of smart styling that can be expected of Huma. Also, the powdery hues go so well together!

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4. Of Leather Jackets

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Not that Deepika Padukone is in need of any kind of hiding, but she chooses to pair her sexy casuals with an equally badass leather jacket while in Cannes. The ensemble looks straight of a classic western film and the actress... a total dime!

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5. Caped Cover Up

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What do you do when you have a cleavage-baring top and detailed flared pants that shouldn't be upstaged with a regular cover-up? Opt for a sleek caped jacket that adds to the ensemble in most subtle way possible!

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6. Sheer Coats Count Too


Swara Bhasker's role in Veere Di Wedding will go down in history as one of the boldest ever for a leading lady in Bollywood. So it is understood that her styling will be on par with that image, and this brazen number is the perfect example for that! 

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7. Plain Over Pattern

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Pair your pretty patterned dresses with plain smart jackets for a polished look. This is especially helpful if you have a low-cut style on and need to add some formal touches to the aesthetic. 

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