5 Times Bollywood Divas Bent The Makeup Rules And Nailed It!

5 Times Bollywood Divas Bent The Makeup Rules And Nailed It!

There are some rules for everything. Even the beauty industry, specifically makeup and hair have all these rules. For example, a black smokey eye paired with classic red lips is a no-no. Some colours suit some skin tones and some do the others. Your makeup should change according to your age, you catch my drift? Somewhere or the other most of us unconsciously follow these rules when we do our makeup and hair. Then come these awesomesauce celebrities who show a BIG finger to these rules and do whatever the hell they want to anyway!

Here are my favourite Bollywood beauty rulebreaker moments from this year!

1. Don't wear dark lipstick during the day

1 sonam kapoor dark lip

Sonam just decided to go ahead and do it anyway. And I don't see any reason why she shouldn't have done it!

Image: Instagram

2. A top knot is too casual for a fancy do

3 deepika top knot

Deepika Padukone didn't listen to that. She took a simple top knot to the red carpet AND an afterparty at Cannes. 

Image: Instagram

3. You shouldn't go blonde if you have dusky skin

2 lisa haydon platinum blinde

This by far, is my MOST favourite moment from this year. Seriously when Lisa Haydon went platinum blonde, I did an air fist bump just by looking at the picture!

Image: Instagram

4. Choose one: bold lips or eyes 

4 karisma kapoor  strong eye strong lip

Karisma Kapoor is one of those moms that has been slaying the beauty looks! So OF COURSE, she broke some rules. Why wouldn't she?

Image: Instagram

5. You shouldn't go for a sleek bun if you have a round face

5 huma qureshi bun cannes

Can we just say Huma Qureshi at Cannes this year was such a breath of FRESH AIR! And seriously, this was a perfect way to show the haters that she doesn't care. 

Image: Instagram

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Know any other rules that were broken? I really would like to know!