5 Things To Eat At The Burma Burma Thingyan Food Festival

5 Things To Eat At The Burma Burma Thingyan Food Festival

While you were busy enjoying the first days of summer in April (you know, the part before you literally start to melt and wish you were you bald), our friends from across the border were ringing in the new year. The Burmese New Year is called Thingyan, and our favourite Burmese restaurant, Burma Burma, decided to give us a little taste of the festivities the way they know best - food!

So, they introduced a special menu that they think best encapsulates the spirit of Burma. 

And if you’re in a pickle about what to order, here are POPxo’s top five picks of what you should definitely try at the Burma Burma Thingyan Food Festival.

1. Kyar Yoe Thoke (Lotus Roots Salad)

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Burmese love their lotus stems. They found a way to add fried lotus stems to a salad, not that we’re complaining. With lettuce and tomato, you welcome the crispiness. If you’re someone who can’t do salads ‘coz they’re too bland, you’ll like that this comes with plenty of chilli oil as dressing.

2. Shwepayon Hincho (Pumpkin & Basil Soup)

You might frown upon the idea of hot soup this time of year, but once you’re in an air conditioned room, does it even matter? This is perfect if you plan on eating a big meal. It’s just the right amount of creamy, and not as heavy as tomato soup. Together with basil, coriander and garlic, you’ll feel like you’re having a desi curry but lighter.     

3. Pyanboo Laphet Kyaw (Crispy Corn Tossed In Tea Leaf)
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Tossed in tea leaf roughly translates to drenched in it, and then fried in it. It is a bang hit of flavour, and let’s face it, subtlety in life as in flavour isn’t a desi person’s strongest suit. Would totally eat this as chakna. 

4. Mock Duck & Baby Potato Curry With Si Chet Thamin (Curry With Spicy Jasmine Rice)

Probably our number one pick on the menu. If you’re a meat eater, you won’t be thrilled about the mock meat, but you won’t mind it either. It’s made up of soy and wheat and vegetarians will definitely enjoy it. The coconut based curry stands out. Combine it with some spicy jasmine rice and chilli oil and we have a winner!   

5. Khowsuey In A Bite
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A fried noodle nest and a generous dollop of sauce. Sounds simple but it’s quite genius in its inception. They took the classic Burmese khow suey and reduced it to a sauce. If they decide to bottle the sauce and start selling it, we’d be the first ones to line up.   

The Thingyan Festival Menu is available in Burma Burma in Select City Walk branch in New Delhi and CyberHub in Gurgaon till June 24.