20 Signs That Show He's Not Into You Anymore Like He Used To Be

20 Signs That Show He's Not Into You Anymore Like He Used To Be

Gone are the good old days when he used to get you flowers or compliment you on your new dress? Do you feel like you have to ask him for everything nowadays and he is doing it like a favour to you? Well, it's about time to sit and retrospect. Maybe you're overthinking or expecting too much. But chances are that your intuition is right.

It is heartbreaking to see someone fall out of love with you. Let me break it down to you for once and for all, if he is drifting away, then you can't do anything in your power to have him back. That is the bitter truth.

Here's a list of signs that show he's not into you anymore like he used to be.

1. He Has Stopped Calling/Texting You

If you keep staring at your phone awaiting a call or text from him but he fails to do so, he's clearing losing interest in you.

1 he is not into you

2. He Acts Irritated Around You

If he has started snapping at you for little things and is constantly frowning around you, chances are he's not into you like he used to be.

3. He Avoids Hanging Out With You Alone

Spending some alone time together is what strengthens a relationship. If that's something he's not game for, it is a huge indicator that he’s no longer into you.

4. He Flakes On You More Than Often Now

If he’s started flaking on you way more often, without having a really good reason to cancel plans, it’s a sign that he’s not interested in seeing you anymore.

5. He Doesn’t Prioritize You Anymore

From being his first priority to not even being on that list, your bond with him is clearly not that thick anymore. And if he doesn't see you as a priority, it's time to rethink things.

5 he is not into you

6. He Is Disinterested In What You Have To Say

Does he zone out when you're trying to talk to him? Is he not paying attention to what you have to say? This definitely shows he's losing interest in being with you.

7. He Doesn't Get Excited To See You

If the hugs don't feel warm anymore and the smile on his face to see you seem fake then this is a clear sign of him drifting away from you.

8. He Has Started Lying To You

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. If he's lying to you about his whereabouts or whom he's with, chances are he's not only losing interest in you but also cheating on you.

9. He Flirts With Other Women

He's started following random hot models on Instagram and is hitting on them? Then he's clearly not into you anymore.

9 he is not into you

10. He Doesn't Initiate On Making Plans

He used to plan the perfect date and now is acting all lazy and laid back? This is a clear sign of him unwilling to be with you anymore.

11. He Sometimes Doesn't Attend Calls Or Replies To Texts

Do you get the blue ticks but not the replies? Is the call waiting and he doesn't return your call? That’s a bad sign for your future together.

12. He Doesn't Want To Know What's Going On In Your Life

Has he stopped asking you about how your day was? Does he not care about what's going on in your head and life? It’s a sign that he’s not interested in pursuing you anymore.

13. He Has Stopped Putting In Effort

No flowers? No cards? No chocolates? No dates? No movies? It’s a really bad sign for whether he’s still interested in you.

13 he is not into you

14. He Isn't Jealous Of Your Male Friends Anymore

Maybe you notice his interest is waning, so you try to get a reaction by mentioning other guys and if he doesn't pay heed, your experiment has failed and your intuition was right.

15. He Doesn't Acknowledge Things You Do For Him

If he doesn't appreciate you going out of your way to make him happy then that's a big sign that his feelings for you have drastically changed.

16. He Has Started Keeping Secrets

Does he hide his phone? Has he stopped attending phone calls in front of you? Then, he's definitely keeping secrets. This shows he's not that into you anymore.

17. He Cuts Your Time Together Short

A man who’s crazy about you isn’t going to want to get home early. So, if he cutting your time together short, it's a sign that he doesn’t like you in the way that he used to.

17 he is not into you

18. He Has Forgotten Little Things About You

Did he forget you like extra cheese in your burger or how you like your coffee? This clearly indicates that he is not planning to be with you in the long haul.

19. He Doesn't Give You Compliments

Does he not shower you with compliments when you wear a new dress for your dinner date? Well, he's lost interest and is surely not into you how he used to be.

20. He's Denying Sex

Guys almost NEVER say no to sex. If he's disinterested in being intimate with you then he's clearly out of his mind and so are you. In such a case, Godspeed, because it's already over.

20 he is not into you

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