12 People Spill The Beans About Their Most Scandalous Sexcapades

12 People Spill The Beans About Their Most Scandalous Sexcapades

If you’re having sex with your partner at his residence without the fear of being caught sometimes, you’re probably living in a fairytale. What is sex if it’s not steamy, spicy and a little sinful. Not all intimate sessions with your guy can go as smooth as planned. So, we asked a few people about their wildest, most wicked and scandalous sex escapades. We bet you’ll be taken by surprise.

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1. The One With The Service Guy

“I was with a girl in a hotel room. We were so horny that we forgot to latch the door. The room service guy walked in on us.”  

2. No Pets Allowed

“My husband and I were having sex with the bedroom’s door open. Our pet dog came inside and kept staring at us. It was an extremely awkward moment.”

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3. Adventurous All The Way

“My boyfriend and I once had sex inside the gym of his then office. It was one of the most crazy things we did.”

4. The Sneaky Best Friend

“Me, my boyfriend and my best friend had gone for a night out. He and I ended up doing things thinking she is fast asleep. She, however, told us in the morning that she was not fully asleep and heard our noises.” *Awkward*

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5. Appalling Or Appealing?

“I met him in Shimla. We got along well and had sex. After sex, he thanked me and asked me if he could offer me any money. I said I didn't do it for money. He smiled and kissed me and left.”

6. Hand Of The King

“He loved to finger me. One day we were at his place and he fingered me for 40 minutes. I had multiple orgasms. Finally, he pushed it in after what felt like an eternity and came in three minutes.”

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7. Old Man’s Tales

“I lost my virginity to an old friend of my dad’s at a cabin our families used to go to sometimes.”

8. Awesome Threesome

“I have had a threesome with my landlady and her boyfriend. My roommate has no clue.”

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9. Hautes For The Brother-In-Law

“I catch myself thinking about my brother-in-law all the time. I wanted to have sex with him so bad that I started masturbating thinking about him. To my dismay, my sister heard me moaning to his name.”

10. The Bathroom Sex

“My boyfriend and I had sex while his friends were fast asleep in the same hall. We tiptoed to the bathroom, half naked when the bed started squeaking and we sensed some movement in the room. Let's just say, that night was a 'first time' many things (and positions) for us.”

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11. The Nasty Stares

“My boyfriend and I made out in a mall staircase while some people walked past us, some giggled and a few aunties gave me nasty stares. It was fun though.”

12. Say Hello To The Police

“We were in the car, making out and minding our own business, half-naked. Somewhere along the way, we heard a knock on the car window when his mouth was somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be. Turns out the police had been informed us of our PG13 antics. Half an hour and Rs 1000 later, we were allowed to go!”

12 sex stories