Fashion Trivia 101: Crazy Facts That Will Make You Say 'That's So Fetch!'

Fashion Trivia 101: Crazy Facts That Will Make You Say 'That's So Fetch!'

Looking for some fabulous yet fun conversation topics within your fashionable BFFs at the next boozy brunch? We have some ideas right here... they are fashion facts that are a total head-scratcher. The fashion industry is just as crazy as the rest of the world. Quite often we come across little trivia bits and facts about it that makes us question our awareness about these things. What seems to be pretty ridiculous now, was, in fact, the norm just a couple of decades back, and these little tidbits can really surprise us sometimes. We compiled a few super fun ones that will make you seem like some fashion guru!

1. The Bikini Was Named After An Island

Louis Réard is the man who invented the invented the bikini and named it after the island called Bikini Atoll. The crazy part? This is the same island where Atom Bombs were tested, a similar effect the inventor was hoping to have with his invention!

2. People Got The Idea Of An Eyeliner From An 18-Year Old Boy

The first ever recorded use of eyeliner was found in the pictures and hieroglyphs of Egyptian boy king, Tutankhamun’s tomb. Post this excavation, the eyeliner became a part of modern makeup.

3. South Korea And Literal 'Fashion Policing' %281%29

Around the 1970s, South Korea used to have a literal 'Fashion Police', they patrolled the streets to measure skirts of women and fine/arrest them if they were too short. Luckily, that law has been scrapped now, we think in part due to the popularity of K-Pop!

4. The Skirt Is The Second Oldest Garment Known To Mankind

As long as we can remember, both men and women have been covering up by wearing skirts and wraps. The only garment that can predate this is the loincloth, which is not as popular as the skirt in modern times!

5. Denim And Geography %282%29

Another article of clothing named after an actual place. The denim was called such from a French material called serge de Nimes, which is from the French seaside town of Nimes. Also, it was sailors who wore them first and popularised it later.

6. Fashion And Advertising

Talk about functional fashion! The Pornai of Ancient Greece, who were practising sex workers at the time, used to wear special shoes with hidden phrases on them. So messages like "follow me" would be imprinted on the sand when walking ahead of a prospective customer!

7. Chameleons As Brooches? %283%29

This one is a complete doozy! In late 1800s America, people used to pin live chameleons to their jacket lapels and tout them around as brooches. We wonder if their camouflaging capabilities had anything to so with it!

8. The First Ever Fashion Magazine Was For Men

Published in France 1678, The first ever fashion magazine was called Le Mercure Galant, was aimed at men with content about the roots of French fashion, food, cafes and wine. That's so French!

9. No Such Thing As A Bra Too Big!

With a cup size of 1222B, there exists a novelty bra in the world and was created for the Breast Cancer “Wear It Pink” Campaign. Think about this the next time you complain about not being able your proper bra size!

10. The Pink/Blue Debacle

The gender norms of pink for female and blue for males is a fairly new concept. It used to go the other way around, since blue is quite a delicate colour and pink a strong one due to its association with red. 

11. Beauty Is Pain? %285%29 

If you ever wondered how far can women go in order to look great in a dress... this is it! Wrapping themselves in wet muslin, hoping their dresses would fit them snugly, Victorian women were single-handedly blamed for an outbreak of influenza in Paris.