10 Rainy Day Sandals You Can Wear With All Of Your Outfits | POPxo

Monsoon Sandals To Stock Up On That Won’t Break In The Rain!

The rain demands major wardrobe adjustments from women, from choosing outfits that won’t collect humidity to shoes that won’t snap at the first contact to rainwater. While rain boots are an interesting addition to your closet for the season, they have a novelty use these days than actual functionality. Sandals, on the other hand, go with all of your western and Indian wear, the trick is to pick rain-friendly shoes that are made of PU and synthetic material. 

We picked out a number of flat and wedge sandals that you can easily wear when it’s raining outside. They are sure to dry out quickly and are just a tissue swipe away from looking brand new. Since it is the rainy season we took the liberty to pick a bright and quirky colour that won’t wash out in the gloomy monsoons!

Happy Shopping, Ladies!


Published on Jun 23, 2018
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