9 Reasons Why Marriage Doesn't Need To Happen At A *Certain* Age

9 Reasons Why Marriage Doesn't Need To Happen At A *Certain* Age

If you've been dating your significant other for a long time now, then you must be used to the 'when are you two sealing the deal' question. But what if you haven't met your Prince Charming yet? Or what if you just aren't ready? Age isn't the only factor that makes you 'marriage-ready'.

People around may be telling you that *this* is the right time to get married, but do you know if it's the right time for YOU to get married? Kay, Sahil and Abby are also facing something similar on POPxo's first web series Unmarried. You'll follow their lead and read on to know why marriage doesn't need to happen at a certain age.

1. The Law Doesn't Prescribe An Upper Age Limit

No law enforced in any part of the world suggests an upper age limit to get married. There sure is a minimum age limit, but no one can force you to settle because you're getting older. It's marriage after all, not retirement.

1 Certain marriage age

2. Everyone Matures At A Different Rate

No two women or two men have the same level of thinking or a similar rate at which they become mature enough to to get involved with someone and get settled with them. Everyone takes their time to know when they're ready to let someone into their life.

3. You Don't Need To Be Married To Have Kids

Most people are pushed by their families to marry early because of their 'ticking' biological clocks. But honestly, you don't need to get married to embrace parenthood. We've got great role models for single parents who have opted for surrogacy or adopted.

3 Certain marriage age

4. You Must Explore Before You Settle

It is worthwhile exploring the world, meeting a variety of people, learn how you engage with them, making mistakes...before you commit to one person. It may come as a surprise but heartbreaks and life's knocks are better teachers than fairytales. 

5. Live-in Relationships Are Always An Option

Given how open-minded and ready-for-experiments our generation is, marriage is not the only option. Living with your partner isn't the massive 'social sin' it once was perceived. 

5 Certain marriage age

6. It Takes Time To Meet 'The One'

What if your Prince Charming is stuck in traffic or hasn't moved to your city yet? Good things take time. Marriage is not a cake that can be baked in 25 minutes. Finding your knight in shining armour can take more than a few dates and heartbreaks.

7. You're The Boss Of Your Own Life

They will tell you to marry at 23, embrace parenthood by 25 and retire by 60. But who are 'they'? Do 'they' really matter? Are 'they' going to control your life forever? No! You're the boss of your own life. You make or break the rules in your life. More power to you!

7 Certain marriage age

8. Age Doesn't Assure A Successful Marriage

What's the guarantee that your marriage will be successful and a long-lasting one if you get hitched at a certain age? You must know your partner as well as possible before tying the knot.

9. You Don't Always Need A Partner To Be Happy

You have a family that takes care of you and friends who are there for you just one phone call away. It's not like your partner is the only person in your life who can bring you happiness. Let marriage be a choice and not a need.

 certain marriage age

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