'Yanny Or Laurel' Is Taking Over The Internet Faster Than Sonam Ki Shaadi Did!

'Yanny Or Laurel' Is Taking Over The Internet Faster Than Sonam Ki Shaadi Did!

What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel? It's one debate that quickly escalated from Florida to the whole world. Posted on Twitter by a Youtuber Chloe Feldman, the viral clickbait-y clip is a head-scratcher. While some hear 'Yanny', others bet on 'Laurel'. So what do you think you hear?

It kinda makes you doubt your ears but it's actually like the white dress/blue dress illusion dress debacle all over again, a contentious puzzle that's dividing the crowd. But don't worry as what you hear, is backed by some scientific explanation. It's a mind-boggling truth!  

It's important that science gives us the answer to calm the confusion in our head. According to TIME, who spoke to an expert, Dr. Kevin Franck, the audiology director at Massachusetts Eye and Ear explains, the audio clip forces the brain to decide quickly about what word it hears but this all depends on what device you're hearing it on. You should try to play it out on the computer and then on phone and see if you hear the difference. By the time you play the clip 100th time, you'll realise that it's noisy, which means it projects a lot of different frequencies. Your brain is dependent on the device and equipment you are using to hear the frequencies in the audio. 

It has already perplexed almost everyone by now - best friends, co-workers and celebs including Katy Perry, but where did the master clip come from? Well, the original audio recording came from an opera singer who had a contract to record English language words for vocabulary.com. The singer is actually saying 'Laurel'. The clip was passed on from a high school student in Georgia, Roland Szabo to his classmates and then to a friend who posted it on a social media platform. The posts on Instagram and Twitter caused a mass debate.  

So now you know, what you heard, is actually Laurel. If you heard Yanny, we would love to tell you, you heard it wrong, it's just not your fault. Blame it on science guys!

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