A Royal Change: 9 Wedding Traditions Meghan & Harry Broke Yesterday

A Royal Change: 9 Wedding Traditions Meghan & Harry Broke Yesterday

I believe that when it comes to the matters of the heart, love plays by its own rules. If a bond between the couple is rock solid, nothing can cause turbulence in between their relationship. As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said their wedding vows yesterday at St. George’s Chapel, I couldn’t help but feel immense happiness for them. The couple’s wedding not only made history but also was one of the first unions to break several royal norms. Here’s a comprehensive list of 9 wedding traditions Prince Harry and Meghan Markle *royally* broke yesterday (After all, it’s high time a fresh wave swept through, right?!)

1. They Ditched The Traditional Fruit Cake For A Light Sponge Cake

royal wedding cake

If you recall, royal wedding cakes are usually multi-tiered traditional fruit cakes coated with marzipan and white icing. However this time, the tables have turned. Instead of the fruitcake, Harry and Meghan opted for a lemon and elderflower cake covered with buttercream and laced with fresh flowers. According to Kensington Palace’s tweet, “It (The wedding cake) was designed by Claire Ptak and features elderflower syrup made at The Queen’s residence in Sandringham from the estate’s own elderflower trees, as well as a light sponge cake uniquely formulated for the couple. #royalwedding

2. Harry Wore A Wedding Ring

Prince Harry broke tradition by wearing a wedding ring. Unlike his brother Prince William and grandfather, Prince Philip, Prince Harry wore a wedding band. In the royal family, wedding rings are usually made from Welsh gold. However, Harry wore a platinum one on his ring finger - that in itself breaks another tradition.

3. Meghan Markle Walked Herself Alone Down The Aisle

royal wedding train


Usually, a father accompanies his daughter as she makes her way to the altar. Not, in Meghan’s case, however. The gorgeous bride broke tradition by walking alone halfway and had her father-in-law, Prince Charles, accompanied for the latter half. The train of her wedding dress was also carefully flanked by the flower girls and pageboys - a truly magical sight indeed!

4. Prince Harry Watched His Bride Make Her Way To The Altar

At British weddings, it’s taboo for the groom and his best man to look at the bride before she reaches the altar. The groom won’t look into his beloved’s eyes until she’s beside him. However, in the United States, it’s the opposite. In this case, Prince Harry had his eyes glued to Meghan as she entered St George’s Chapel - love was definitely in the air for this couple!

5. Lots of Hand-Holding Throughout The Ceremony

royal wedding hand


No form of PDA is allowed during a royal British wedding ceremony. Harry and Meghan broke royal protocol by holding hands during the whole ceremony. These two shared a strong sense of attraction and trust as they held hands during the service and post the sermon as well. Kudos to their bravery, love and confidence.

6. The Kiss That Burned Old Traditions To The Ground!

Did you know that Prince Harry and Meghan’s most-talked-about kiss was the first EVER royal smooch to happen on the steps of West Door? In 2011, if you remember, Prince William and Kate Middleton locked lips at the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Since the location was different for Harry and Meghan, immediately after the wedding the adorable newlyweds gave the public a visual treat as they kissed on the steps of St. George’s Chapel.

7.  Michael Curry Was The First American Bishop To Give A Sermon At The Royal Wedding

royal wedding curry


When a royal wedding takes place, senior British Priests who are members of the Church of England are invited to give the sermon at the altar. It was a change of religious traditions for Harry and Meghan's wedding this time. Bishop Michael Curry from Chicago captured hearts as he gave a moving sermon about the power of love. The sermon was later followed by the gospel choir that sang Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me.’

8. That Awkward Moment When The Newlyweds Forgot To Curtsy To Queen Elizabeth II...

Another royal tradition was broken when the couple forgot to curtsy and bow to the Queen before walking down the aisle and after saying those two powerful words “I do”. Twitter became a pool of opinions after viewers noticed this royal blunder.

9.  Meghan Markle Did Not Have A Maid of Honour

royal wedding


For Kate Middleton’s wedding, her sister Pippa was her bridesmaid. Meghan, on the other hand, did not have a maid of honour at her wedding. According to Prince Harry’s communications secretary, Jason Knauf, "She has a very close-knit group of friends and did not want to choose one over the other." On the contrary, her bridesmaids were all children! Princess Charlotte and Prince George broke the internet with their cuteness.

Finally, a breath of fresh air, what do you think?

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