Do You Calamine? Here Are 7 Uses For This Miracle Potion That Needs To Be In Your Beauty Kit!

Do You Calamine? Here Are 7 Uses For This Miracle Potion That Needs To Be In Your Beauty Kit!

Calamine lotion is bae. The bottle may not look the best, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Offering your skin some tender love and care, this lotion also helps to protect your complexion from getting damaged because of the sun. Some of you are already familiar with this skincare product and a few of you probably haven’t even heard of it. We’re here to get the rest of you hooked onto this baby. You see, the lotion is a mixture of ingredients like water, glycerin, and kaolin clay. Why should you befriend this lotion, you ask? Because it’s awesome, of course! Here are 7 benefits of the calamine lotion.

1. No More Dry Skin

1 lacto calamine for dry skin

When your skin lacks moisture, it tends to look dry and dull. The moment that happens, you need to bring the calamine lotion out. This rockstar will do the job of both, nourishing and hydrating your skin. Since it comes with a humectant like glycerin, the lotion prevents your skin from drying out and keeps it supple and moisturised. All you’ve got to do is pour a few drops of this lotion into a cotton swab. Gently dab on the dry areas of your skin. After three to four hours, wash your face with lukewarm water.  

2. Works As A Makeup Base

Did you know that you can use this lotion as makeup base? Simply spread the lotion all over your face. Allow it to soak into your skin and once it absorbs, apply your makeup on top of it. Trust us, it works like a charm all the time!

3. See Ya Never, Sunburns!

3 lacto calamine benefits sun burn

To avoid getting your skin tanned or burned, you should apply some calamine lotion before you step out. The lotion acts as a protective shield and protects your skin from getting damaged by the sun. If you’re dealing with a sunburn, no worries, this lotion will make sure that your skin is on recovery mode in no time.

4. It Treats Oily Skin

Applying calamine lotion on oily skin keeps your T-zone in check and controls your pores from producing excess oil. After washing your face, pat your skin dry using a towel and apply a bit of this lotion before you hit the sack. You’ll wake up to prettier skin the next morning.  

5. Acne Be Gone

5 lacto calamine benefits acne

We bet you didn’t know that the zinc oxide in the calamine lotion has anti-inflammatory properties? Well, now you do! In order to treat a big, fat pimple, simply steam the area first. Once pus oozes out, use a plain cotton ball to clean the area. Dab some tea tree oil to disinfect the pimple and after a minute or two, apply the lotion on the affected area. After a couple of hours, wash your face and don’t forget to repeat this practice twice a day.

6. It’s Instantly Soothes Your Skin 

Itchiness caused due to allergies or insect bites can be cured with the help of calamine. It creates a cooling sensation when applied to your skin and prevents inflammation from taking place. As soon as you notice some red bumps or experience itchiness, immediately apply some of this magic lotion on your skin and massage well.

7. Hives, Genital Warts, Eczema & Psoriasis? What’s That?

7 lacto calamine benefits warts skin inflammation

It’s terrible to experience any of these skincare diseases. However, your pain can lessen when you have lotion by your side. Loaded with antiseptic properties, zinc and ferrous oxide, your skin will be healed from inflammations, infections and rashes. However, regardless what your skin’s condition may be, it’s best to once consult a doctor before you use it. Good luck!

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