This Rulebook Will Help You Pull Off Bold Makeup Like A Boss!

This Rulebook Will Help You Pull Off Bold Makeup Like A Boss!

There’s no denying that pulling off bold makeup require a certain amount of precision and lots of practice. And a zest to do something new. Which is why it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Having said that, those who get it right (we’re talking yellow eyeliner, purple mascara, and the likes) can go for looks that are extremely eye-catching and absolutely stunning! We see them on the runway time and again, and we feel it’s a thing for models to flaunt, or celebrities perhaps on the red carpet. So, especially for our makeup loving and experimental readers out there, we’ve come up with a list of tips that will help you pull off that coloured makeup look like a pro! These are essentially the rules that you need to follow and look more striking than ever before when wearing coloured makeup.

1. Choose The Colours Wisely.

1 coloured makeup

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Don’t make it too matched a look. If you’re wearing an orange cape, don’t you go for the ditto orange eyelid and orange mascara. Perhaps choose a bright complementary colour (a not-too-bold yellow or green in this case) on the eyelid and a neutral shade on the crease to complete the look properly. This will make your eyes stand out whilst not looking too loud.  

2. Makeup Spray Is Prime.

Once you apply coloured eyeshadow or mascara or eyeliner, make sure that you’ve set it with makeup spray. This will keep it from smudging and looking shabby eventually. Spread out coloured makeup isn’t sightly at all, ladies, trust us on this one.

3. Use A Damp Brush For Coloured Eyeshadow.

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Wetting your eyeshadow brush a tad will make it lift a heavier coating of the product and leave more pigment on your eyelids. So, in order for the colour to really pop, you need to use a damp brush. This is among the most important tips of this post. Keep it in mind ALWAYS!

4. Coloured Mascara Tricks.

Not sold on candy shop eyelash vibes? We hear you, girl! Here’s what you need to do to add a hint of colour to your lashes and pull that off like a rockstar! Swipe on a bit of the coloured mascara over your lashes that already have regular black mascara on them. This will make the colour show up when your lashes catch the light, and that too in a subtle way.

5. Blend, Blend, BLEND!

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This is imperative if you don’t want it to look like clown makeup. No matter how bold or not bold your coloured makeup is, blending is extremely important for it to look beautiful. Blending, in the case of coloured makeup, is all the more important because you have to ensure it doesn’t look too stark. For example, if you apply a purple eyeshadow on your eyelids, use a neutral colour on the crease and blend the two well to give it a softer, more natural finish.

6. Start Off With Muted Colours.

If you’re new to the world of coloured makeup looks, then it’s best you start with muted colours. This also holds for those of you who aren’t big fans of neon or candy coloured makeup. Go for purples and darker blues, get an idea of what works for you, and then try the brighter yellows and lime greens if you must.

7. Less Is More.

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If you choose coloured mascara, or some bold eyeliner to match your outfit or jewellery, make sure the rest of your face is clean and neutral. This will make your eyes pop all the more and look stunning. On the other hand, if you use a green eyeliner for instance, to match your green outfit, add just a hint of it in the middle of your eyelid (and blend well of course). This will make it a more subtle and tasteful look. ‘Less is more’ should always be the mantra with coloured makeup looks.  

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