Look Good Naked: Try This Beauty Routine And He Won't Be Able To Take His Hands Off You

Look Good Naked: Try This Beauty Routine And He Won't Be Able To Take His Hands Off You

While we totally believe that you should embrace your natural self, because lady, you look stunning just as you are - we know that there are certain special times that you want to go that little bit extra for your look. And when it’s a night with your someone special, looking nothing less that fabulous naked is non-negotiable! Going au naturale when you’re in your birthday suit is one option, and the other is to enhance those curves and collarbones, add a hint of a tint on the lips and he won’t be able to take his eyes (and hands) off you! *wink* Here’s a list of tips and products to use when you want to look GOOD naked!

1. Pretty Up That Pout.

1 naked look

No, we don’t mean that you have to opt for a sexy deep wine colour or go for a bold red on the lips. Use a moist lip balm that not only hydrates that pout but also adds a touch of colour to them. This will give you the most full, soft, shiny and kissable lips ever!

POPxo recommends: Clinique Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Lip Balm - Tangerine (Rs 1,550)

2. Slather On Some Body Lotion

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There is nothing more off-putting than dry, scaly skin when you’re trying to give off that sexy vibe. So, slather on a hydrating body lotion before the special night to ensure that your skin is silky smooth and all plumped up.

POPxo recommends: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Sublime Nourishing Whipped - Lotion (Rs 545)

3. Put Your Shine On.

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Using a bronzer on your face, decolletage, shin and on the curves of your waistline might sound a bit much, but it works wonders on a special night! It adds a lovely sheen to the body that makes it look more tempting than ever.

POPxo recommends: L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Bronzer Stick (Rs 800)

4. Mascara Creates Magic.

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It might spread all over your face by the end of the night - that’s your concern, isn’t it? Well, go for a waterproof one. It will not give you racoon eyes and make your look easy and beautiful.

POPxo recommends: Inglot Volume & Waterproof Mascara (Rs 1,150)

5. How About Nude Nails?

5 naked look

Nude nail polish has a very subtle effect. Plus it greats for those of us who don't want to show that we're trying to look good. Go for a non-shimmery nail polish that matches your skintone. P.S.: It makes your legs look longer too.

POPxo recommends: O.P.I Nail Lacquer - My Very First Knockwurst (Rs 700)

6. Some Fragrance Will Make It More Fun.

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Spritz on a fresh, floral and feminine fragrance on your pulse points (the inside of your wrists and elbows, behind your ears and on your armpits. This will keep you smelling lovely throughout the night.

POPxo recommends: BVLGARI Goldea The Roman Night Eau De Parfum (Rs 3,700)

7. Exfoliation For A Silky Smooth Touch.

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For a silky smooth touch, make it a point to exfoliate your body once a week. This will slough off dead skin cells, and promote the growth of new cells. This will make your skin super smooth and shiny.

POPxo recommends: Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub (Rs 175)

8. Blow Dry For That Extra Oomph.

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This is just to complete the look. Blow out your hair to give it some extra volume and bounce. Trust us, this will make a world of a difference.

POPxo recommends: BaByliss D322WE Expert Hair Dryer - White (Rs 3,116)