9 Real Things That Happen When You Move To A New City

9 Real Things That Happen When You Move To A New City

Moving out of your house is equal parts exciting and daunting. You are apprehensive of going out on your own, but you’re still pumped up to experience this new, independent life. If you have taken the plunge, we’re sure that you will find these situations extremely relatable. Read on and you’ll definitely think, “That’s SO me!”

1. You are finally taking decisions on your own

No more depending on your parents. You start trusting your own decisions - big or small - and start living your life on your terms.

1 things you know if you live alone girl thinking

2. You feel homesick

Every weekend, you video chat with your folks back home. Your mom gives you lessons on how to cook, while dad insists that you invest your savings (you fail to mention that there aren’t any). In the middle of “Kya khaya?” and “Why haven’t you cut your nails?” you realise how much you miss them.

2 things you know if you move outside the city mom girls

3. You are lost most of the time!

Not just lost in thoughts, but also lost because you don’t know where to go and what to do. You’re trying to figure out the public transportation system, and you’re always asking for directions.

3 things youll know if you move out of the city directions lost

4. Your Uber game becomes stronger

You can’t afford to show up late at work anymore (because of all the hassles with the public transport), so Uber becomes your go-to app. Plus, every evening you get the same text from home, “Beta, when will you reach home?” so you share your journey with your parents for their peace of mind.

4 things you will know if you have moved to a new city

5. You try to socialise a lot because, survival!

You are new and you want to know more people, so you end up socialising more than you normally would.

4 things you'll know if you move out girl party

6. You are broke… End of every month!

Savings? What savings? Grocery, shopping, parties, eating out... How can one possibly save when they live alone?

6 things you iwll know if you move into.a new city girl broke

7. Noods noods noods!

You give up on making complicated dishes because you’re lazy! So, the only comfort food you have all day, all night is cup noodles!

7 things you will know if you move into a new city girl noodles

8. You spend your free time amping up your new crib

All the free time you have goes into making sure your new house is pretty and aesthetic. Basically, the Monica Geller in you is always on the job.

8 things you will knwow if you move into city decorating

9. You take time to explore the new city

Moving out can sometimes be a lot of fun. You are exploring the city and your social media looks oh-so-pretty! Plus, you know you can book an Uber and share your ride status with your loved one anytime. So, there’s nothing holding you back!

9 things you will know if you move into a new city

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