9 Things You Should Not Discuss With Your Husband After Marriage!

9 Things You Should Not Discuss With Your Husband After Marriage!

You may be married to your childhood sweetheart or your long-term boyfriend now. He may be your best friend and you've shared all your deep dark secrets with him and you don't think twice before speaking your mind out. But hey, wait! Now that you two are married, there are certain things you need to keep in check and avoid having discussions which might be toxic to your relationship. We list out some of the topics you should never discuss with your husband.

1. You are just like your father/mother

While there may be chances that you are not so fond of your in-laws but that doesn't mean you say that upfront to your husband. This will infuriate him to the core. No son would take it in the right sense. Be sensible enough to convey your issues to your husband in a way that you avoid demeaning his parents. 

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2. Criticizing his relatives

We get it! There will be relatives who you despise but don't make it so obvious to him. You may not like the way they talk, or the way they dress but trust us, it's best that you keep it to yourself. For your fun, you can just crack a mild joke but don't make it sound vicious.

3. Don't point out the wedding expenses

You may have spent a lot on things that you don't like or approve of but the wedding is over. You don't need to bring it up, again and again, to remind him who bore the brunt of the cost. No man will take it in a positive way, tbh. This will cause a rift between the two of you.

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4. No need to keep bringing up the past

You are married to the man of your life now. You can do away with your past and the good or bad memories. It's never a good idea to keep discussing your ex or how good or bad your life was earlier. He may understand once, but if you constantly repeat it, it will hurt him really bad. And you definitely don't want that! Just think about how you would feel if he did the same.

5. Don't flaunt your sexual history

Keep this to your girl gang. Your now-husband doesn't need to know the all the gory details of who, when, what and how. No matter how cool guys are but your husband may feel either jealous or inferior. And trust us, you won't like it either when he opens his bag of secrets. Will you?

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6. Don't criticize his bros

Not everybody likes everybody. Even if you're not particularly fond of a close friend of his, do not make it obvious or keep pestering him with your complaints. His friends are dear to him as much as you love yours. Maybe, he is also adjusting with one of your girlfriends. Avoid saying something nasty to them at social gatherings. This will irk your husband leading to a fight.

7. Never mention your parent's disapproval

He may not be the ideal husband for you according to your parents. But he doesn't need to keep being reminded of it. And especially, not amidst a fight. Nothing ignites more fire than words of disapproval. You never know, this might lead to major fallout. 

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8. Never compare his salary to others

A perfect marriage is a game where you both play as a team. Comparing who earns how much might put a wedge between the two of you. Never bring up topics where there is a comparison between how much he earns and how much others do. It will make him feel inferior. Be a good wife, who encourages instead of putting him down.

9. My mother was right about you

Mothers are extremely possessive when it comes to their daughter's husband. They might have warned you several times, pointing out minor things that they didn't like in your now husband. Do not use it as a weapon to win an argument. Trust us, this can make you drift apart. 

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